All about the pink hair trend: decryption, After wardrobes, nuance as flashy dresses, powdered hair.

La vie en rose is now seen to toe. how to adopt, choose what type of staining, discoloration does it…

How to have pink hair like Katy Perry, guide you for party hairstyles

How to have pink hair like Katy Perry, guide you for party hairstyles

Focus on Pink Hair Trend

If the rose in her hair was initially the preserve of punk paces, it has become a trend popular with everyone. Democratization began in the early 2010s on the catwalks, a top like no other displays a pink mane on all podiums, in outfits as well as chic and glamorous rock: it’s Charlotte Free. Her hair became cult. Stars like Katy Perry also dare hair pigmentation. Then follow it-girls. Over the seasons, pink coloration side remains a must, but the flashy colors now give way to the pastel trend.

What Stains For a Pink Mane?

Two staining techniques are possible to display a pink mane, to choose according to your desires! If you want to change the head for a party or event, bet on chalk hair. Many brands offer the capillary makeup that disappears after a few shampoos.

If you want a radical change, semi-permanent color is needed.

Please note: this type of coloring does not contain brighteners unlike permanent colorations. She adds indeed surface pigments and fades progressively washes. This is why in most cases it is necessary to go through the bleaching step.

Having Pink Hair: Bleaching Step

If you have dark hair, fading is inevitable if you want to display a beautiful pink color. Similarly, blondes will, also, be used so that the color is uniform and vibrant, especially if you have highlights or if you need a light pink.

But bleach her hair is not trivial; it is the most aggressive treatment that you can subject your hair.

  • Then a doubt?
  • The first time?
  • Questions?

Do not hesitate to consult a professional hairdresser!

Last tip for your pink color lasts longer, take care of your mane and feel free to space out your shampoo. Why not try the trend no poo?

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