H & M Private Paradise New Plus-Size Dresses Campaign for Summer 2014


Plus-Size DressesPlus-Size Dresses For its new Summer 2014 collection, the Swedish giant find the top plus size Jennie Runk with a new campaign H & M Private Paradise. Focus on this new glamorous Plus-Size Dresses lookbook

New Plus-Size Dresses Campaign

Plus-Size Dresses

The dictates of fashion no longer seem so anchored it in a rapidly changing sector: either side of fashion houses, modeling agencies or large retail ready-to-wear, things are changing slowly but surely. Mayday as Elly and her friends to plump the claim forms in the militant documentary for more size mannequins A Perfect 14; it is time for us customers, to find ambassadors representing reality. We do not do all of our shopping and 34 sessions she mannequins with various morphologies we need!

Plus-Size Dresses

It seems that the Swedish giant has understood the message for her new summer collection, H & M found Jennie Runk, a pretty brunette whose measurements are far from those we are accustomed regularly. A generous chest, bounced back and buttocks to rival some belly envy Kim Kardashian, the American with blue eyes has much to be proud new ambassador in H & M.

Plus-Size Dresses- Plus-Size Dresses, Top and pant Plus-Size Dresses

After the many positive reactions to the campaign swimwear H & M in 2013 with a size 44 model as a model, the brand renewed experience with the same top, Jennie Runk. Whether a glamorous piece swimsuit, denim shorts or casual dress and wedges, beautiful uninhibited us a hip turn. To value our forms, so we invest in the jersey retro cut with high waist pants! Regarding the rest of the collection, there’s something for everyone: warm colors, lace, black and white, girly skirts, summery print, basic, striped… proving that the so-called plus size tops have quite a place in one of the most publicized campaigns, H & M is located in precursor. It is hoped that other brands will build on this positive initiative!

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