Pony Hairstyles Instructions Depending On The Faceshape With Old Haircuts


If you are looking for a new hairstyle with a big change. but not all hair is radically cut short, usually, decides for a pony. Pony hairstyles change the appearance despite little effort immensely. to create a girlish or cheeky look depending on the pony shape. Just when you decide spontaneously for a hair style and do not want to wait until the next hairdresser’s appointment. you can quickly grab scissors.

So that this does not lead to disappointments. there is so much to consider if you want to cut your pony yourself. Helpful tips and instructions on how to cut the pony. we have put together in this article. So you are guaranteed to get the perfect look and your new hairstyle will soon be available to everyone else.


7. Pony Cutting Helpful Tips and Necessary Tools.

What you should definitely avoid when you cut the pony is the use of your kitchen scissors. Other scissors that you use in everyday life are taboo. They are not sharp enough and are simply not made for this purpose, for the dull blades are split. Especially if you regularly make a pony and cut the pony accordingly, again and again, it is worthwhile to invest in professional scissors. Such there is for very little money to buy. And the result is guaranteed better.

You also need a comb. This too is anything but expensive and just belongs to cutting. Do not try to use a brush instead. This makes everything at the most even more complicated. The comb, on the other hand, not only shares the hair wonderfully but makes everything much clearer thanks to its narrow design.


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