Posing Beautiful Makeup For Bridal Cape in Winter Look

Posing Beautiful Makeup For Bridal Cape
Posing Beautiful Makeup For Bridal Cape

You can own a beautiful angel eyes or lips hot. However, do not be sad if your nose is not elegant. Wedding day, you will be the most beautiful bride if you know their strengths to promote.

Here Few Ideas Below Makeup For Bridal Cape

 Makeup For Bridal Cape

1. Muzzle Low

With brides nose low, so chalk brown dab in the eye extending to the middle of the nose. Then, apply light foundation from mid nose. Along with the color brown cheeks will help you look more slender nose, and brow lift higher toward the forehead. When using eye color gamut, dark brown chalk on light scattering brow, lip color will be flattering light for the nose itself.

2. With a Big Nose, Wide Nostrils

You can make your nose to become more elegant by dark cream background from either side of the nose to the tip of the nose then the whole white powdering her nose. Draw an arc eyebrows will make the nose look more elegant. Rules makeup in bright colors dark is the best way to narrow down the wing and nose to nose higher and respect for

3. Muzzle Short

With a short muzzle should apply emulsion layers are light pastels on the nose extending to the top of the nose to create highlights and accents. Next, apply dark chalk along the nostrils to create depth and helps the nose seemed longer.

Makeup Bridal Tutorial Bridal Cape
Makeup Bridal Tutorial Bridal Cape

4. Long Nose

If the nose is too long compared to the face so dark rouge on the nose while the lower limit used pencil brow to shade from the upper part of the nose.

5. Spearhead

Powdering dark sides of nose, nose to create high class ball and balance to tip. Finally, a layer of white powder coated to look more rounded nose. When the bride’s face makeup, use of natural tones to be harmonious face. In addition, nose makeup combined with other components such as eyes, lips to create harmony for the face.

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