Pregnant Kate Middleton Wore a Max Mara Dress at The Wedding In Switzerland


Pregnant Kate Middleton and Prince William went to Switzerland March 2, 2013 to attend a wedding. Always elegant Kate Middleton opted for total look beige.

March 2, 2013, Kate Middleton pregnant Prince William went to a wedding in Switzerland an opportunity for us to decipher the look of Kate Middleton who is very discreet since the beginning of her pregnancy. While February 19, 2013, Kate Middleton wore a dress pregnant Max Mara London, March 2, 2013 along with Prince William, she opted for total look beige even pregnant; Kate Middleton looks elegant and feminine. Perched on shoes with rounded tips, Kate Middleton pregnant wears an outfit perfectly coordinated.

Pregnant Kate Middleton Wore a Max Mara Dress at The Wedding In Switzerland

To go to a wedding on March 2 with Prince William, Kate Middleton pregnant put on a neutral-toned look an outfit so British, chic and feminine. Beige coat straight cut, printed dress, fur scarf and brown beetle, Kate Middleton voted the most beautiful woman of the year, once again all good and you girls, what do you think of the look of Kate Middleton on March 2

Kate Middleton is not a new system but a Swiss cosmetics brand whose name is whispered in the ear of the most knowledgeable. Care Karin Herzog arrived in France and it will quickly become addicted to.

Pregnant Kate Middleton Wore a Max Mara Dress at The Wedding In Switzerland-

In the wake of her engagement, Kate Middleton has revealed one of her secrets of beauty care Karin Herzog oxygen. Founded in 1975, the line Karin Herzog knows a growing success Innovation? Balancing the formula which encapsulates and stabilize the oxygen in an emulsion. Thus, the flagship ingredient is issued at the last moment when the application ideally with a brush. Then it changes and turns into gas that penetrates deep into the skin and provides an action doubled its assets released into the lower layers. Its benefits are numerous. The skin is disinfected deeply hydrated thanks to her help in the creation of water molecules in the skin and collagen production is boosted. It is therefore clear where the Princess is amazing complexion. 10 produce, including a cleanser a cream or a figure gumming up this range and all are enriched from 1 to 3% oxygen.

Boom birth after her pregnancy, brushing phase to become a cult hair … Kate Middleton is a model of style both in clothing as for hair and makeup. If the wife of Prince William is an aficionado of the Swiss brand, it’s for good reason. It uses face cream to oxygen, care Vita-A-Kombi 1 and the professional cleansing gel. Indeed, its flagship products also have the ability to stabilize the skin. Perfect for those whose skin can create an excess of sebum.

One might think that the price of her royal care would also, however, Karin Herzog remains an affordable brand. Serum, the most expensive is priced at € 118. It takes between 49 and € 76.50 for other treatments.

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