Princess Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Strapless Dress “The Hunger Games2”


It has almost become a habit every day, we went into raptures at holding preview of Jennifer Lawrence, who seems tired nothing by her marathon mode for “The Hunger Games: The Blaze and she came to Rome, the actress dazzled us again, still strapless Christian Dior but she chooses the color vanilla times …

After dazzling London, Madrid and Berlin, Jennifer Lawrence and crew of the film “The Hunger Games The Kindling” went to Rome, where once again, a dense crowd waiting. And actress in the new short haircut does not disappoint, once again focusing on one part of the house Christian Dior, she is the face Again, the star put on a strapless dress that reveals her delicate shoulders, but chose vanilla color to vary a little pleasure. One can only congratulate ride the trend pastel, yet very fashionable this winter.

Another feature of this strapless dresses her skirt and draped beautifully worked throughout her silhouette. Dips and folds of asymmetrical skirt reveal very delicate fine strappy sandals golden actress … With such a cut, Jennifer Lawrence can afford to wear a strapless dress again without tiring!

To complement this chic outfit, the actress put on fine jewelry like earrings very discreet silver and several rings, including a neo- jewel: a ring that wraps her whole hand. Again, one can only be impressed by her good fashion taste and the ease with which the star accessorized her outfits perfectly without doing too much or fall into the bling-bling.

Side in beauty, she chose that night to style her short hair back into a smooth full volume hull emerges even more her face & Complexion zero defects and coral mouth enough for him to be shining on the red carpet and accompanied by her co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, the star is still crazy!

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