Proper Nutrition for Healthy Bones and Strong


Proper nutrition for healthy bones to guarantee us long-term health of our bones we must feed them properly, taking the right amounts of calcium and vitamin D. We see the recommended foods…

To keep our bones strong, strong, healthy, you need to follow a complete diet in which there may always be substances such as calcium and vitamin D.

The first, in fact, is the mineral constituent of bone, the second, however, helps to assimilate limiting, in this way, which increases the risk of osteoporosis in post menopausal women. This is a skeletal disorder that is characterized by loss of bone density that increases with age (especially after 45-50 years) resulting in consequent fragility and risk of fractures.

Proper nutrition for healthy bones

Osteoporosis, however, can be prevented by strengthening the skeletal system as a whole through a targeted diet that you should begin to follow at least starting from 25-30 years. An adult woman – so over 30 – not accumulate more minerals in the bones but if they are solid and have maintained a good supply of the mineral, the danger of weakening is reduced to a minimum. That is why it is necessary for feeding female football is always present.

This substance is contained mainly in milk and milk derivatives, including cheese and yogurt but not only. Mineral water, green vegetables (including many herbs like basil and parsley) small fish, crabs and shrimp and chocolate, contain calcium.

Also, for people intolerant to milk, lactose or its protein, it is possible to integrate this valuable mineral for bones taking soy products that have been fortified with calcium bicarbonate as anticipated, also vitamin D is essential to allow the absorption of calcium in the intestine.

This vitamin D is easily absorbed through a process of chemical synthesis that occurs when we are exposed to the rays of the sun. Only 10% of this substance we get from food. However, they are rich in fish, especially fish oils (such as cod liver oil) eggs and offal.

In addition to consuming foods rich in calcium and vitamin D to protect your bones (but also our teeth) we must pay attention to foods that instead favor the elimination of the mineral in the urine. These are alcoholic beverages, vegetables and fruit acids, animal protein, coffee. Do not exceed their daily consumption is undoubtedly an integral part of a preventive strategy of bone diseases. All clear?

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