Rabbit Puff Pastry Recipes For Easter Dinner


Rabbit puff pastry recipes on the occasion of Easter, appearing on the tables sumptuous banquets, enriched with traditional Rabbit puff pastry recipes typically Italian.

Rabbit Puff Pastry Recipes For Easter Monday

Rabbit Puff Pastry Recipes For Easter Dinner

Who of you are looking for recipes Easter tasty, original, and quick to prepare it in the right place! This page is dedicated to those for Easter will start up a few days before to recover all the ingredients needed to prepare delicacies for all the family and friends, considering Easter Monday!

We made a small collection rabbit puff pastry recipes Easter, from which to take inspiration order to be prepared in the shelter of this festival: from classic tradition, other more original, but all have the common characteristic of being very easy and very good!

So what are you waiting? Take the opportunity and create your personalized menu Easter!

Rabbit Puff Pastry Recipes Stuffed

Looking for original recipes Easter? Here you are! With this nice bunny puff pastry, you will please everyone, young and old! The soft and delicious stuffed with tuna and ricotta makes the irresistible cute bunny, it will be easy to convince even the little ones to a taste.

Appetizer Spring

To begin the Easter dinner or Easter Monday there is nothing better than this colorful appetizer of fresh vegetables and egg patties and cheese, all flavored with balsamic vinegar.

Eggs Tonnate

A quick and easy appetizer that lends itself well to the Easter lunch. After boiled egg, the yolk is emptied and filled with a mixture of tuna and cream cheese. Then a decoration with anchovies and capers ET voila, ready!

Colorful Easter Eggs In A Natural Way

Boiled eggs are a traditional Easter recipe brought to the table as an appetizer. To make them more special you can color them in a natural way so as not to affect the edibility.

Baskets Of Broad Beans And Pecorino

A creative and tasty appetizer: crispy baskets prepared with shaved pecorino welcome in them a soft cream of beans and cheese, a fabulous mix to try!

Colored Eggs Surprise

Here is a recipe for Easter truly original, with a little ‘color also a starter classic egg boiled becomes fun! Buy a good quality of food colors with which you can color the filling of eggs made from egg yolks and soft cheese. After decorate with capers, mushrooms, olives, depending on your taste, even kids will love it!

Potato Salad

Appetizer colorful and tasty egg and fresh vegetables such as green beans and tomatoes. Thanks to the particular cut of the eggs, to the arrangement of the yolk and the decoration made with egg yolks crumbled. The dish takes on a beautiful spring connotation, to please the eyes as well as the palate.

Eggs In Bloom

The eggs in the flower are an ideal starter for the Easter period. Very easy to prepare just boiled eggs, mayonnaise and tomato paste for decorations. Serve cold so be prepared with calm even the day before. Great for Easter as far as claims of boiled eggs on Easter Sunday.

Bruschetta Easter

Slices of bread grilled and seasoned with a good olive oil, salt, and pepper and enriched with boiled eggs and sliced salami cacciatorino cut thinly, an excellent solution for the starter Easter or for the picnic on Easter Monday, to try!

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