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Red hairs color over-dye – so it succeeds

Natural red hair looks great but can be over-dyed more difficult than other hair colors. Of course, redheads can color their mane. We reveal which sounds are best for a change and what is important when dying

Natural red hair is gorgeous – but at some point, just about everyone is longing for a change. If you decide to dye your hair darker or even bleach, you should pay attention to a few things in advance.

Red pigments are beautiful – but also quite persistent. They are smaller than brown color pigments and wash, with a tint, for example, only at the very end of the hair. If you want to dye your natural red hair over, you have to work hard to completely get rid of the reddish sting.

The bad news: It may not be the first time the red covers as perfectly as you wish.

The good news: Red hair over-coloring is quite possible.

Dye Red Hair Brown

Dye Red Hair Brown
Woman with brown hair and the reddish glow

Stylish and with a warm radiance: brown hair with a reddish glow.

If you want to color your natural red or red colored hair, you should always choose a shade of brown that is at least one level darker than the original tone. Say: who has cherry-red hair, will achieve little with a medium brown coloration. Those who turn to dark brown can cover the red.

A red glow will still be on display, but that does not have to look bad. On the contrary, reddish shades of brown are pretty stylish right now. Who does not want a glimmer, should color a second time to achieve a perfect result.

Dye red hair blond

With the right approach, red hair can turn blond.

If red hair is still relatively easy to dye brown, it looks more difficult in a bleaching. Anyone who tries to dye her red hair blond, unfortunately, has to reckon with orange hair.

What you should avoid: to do a home coloring yourself. When bleaching should also run the pro, to prevent the hair discolored or overstretched. The hairdresser can also apply a tint that removes the reddish hair, and they can be bleached.

So that the hair is not stressed too much: The hair before dying (and of course afterward) intensive care, for example, with a hair mask or hair oil.

How to Care For Your Hair after Dyeing

Anyone who has successfully dyed her red hair brown or blond should pay attention to proper care afterward. It not only repairs the hair structure but also makes the color last longer.

For shampooing use shampoo conditioner from a special color series. These products not only contain a UV filter that protects your paint from harmful radiation, making the paint longer lasting, but also nourishing ingredients that fix the color in the hair.

A weekly hair cure is also advisable. In addition, masks smooth the roughened hair surface, making you healthy and shiny again.

Hair oil is suitable for hair care on top: it moisturizes the mostly dry hair ends and protects against unsightly split ends.

Simply red: That’s how red-haired women care for their mane

If you have red hair by nature, you can look forward to it! The hair color is a real rarity. We reveal how red hair is best looked after to make it look healthy and shine brilliantly

Not only since Lala Land one of the most beautiful redheads: Emma Stone enchants on the big screen in crowds of spectators. The fair skin, the bright eyes, the natural red hair – it is not magical. However, redheads need special care because of the thickness of the hair. But do not worry, what exactly matters, we explain here.

Blush desirable: Redheads are a rarity

No other hair color is as mysterious and attractive to men and women as red hair. Who is blessed by nature, can be happy and especially appreciated? Because: Red hair has only about two percent of the world’s population. Redheads have not only a rare hair color but also a slightly different hair texture than blondes or brunettes. Although the hair of redheads are actually thicker in number, in numbers they have less hair than other people. In order to cope with the special properties of natural red hair, special care is required.

So, redheads care for their hair perfectly

If you have red hair, you usually have very light skin with many freckles. If you belong to this rare type, you know: your skin is particularly sensitive and reacts quickly to UV rays. That is why red-haired women should not only protect their skin but also their hair. In the summer so always best to wear a nice hat or stay in the shade.

Woman with natural red hair
Ethereally beautiful – natural red hair in combination with blue eyes and a hint of porcelain.

For blonde and brunette hair, there are special care series – Unfortunately, this is rare for red hair. Red-haired men and women, therefore, need to series for colored fall back hair.

The good thing about it: Color shampoos and rinses or cures contain light color pigments, which make the hair shine beautifully with incident rays of light. In addition, they usually contain a UV protection that protects red hair perfectly from the nasty rays.

If you have red hair you should take a cure about once a week. Unlike rinses, the nourishing and repairing substances penetrate the hair properly and build it up. This smoothes the surface of the hair roughened by blow-drying, smoothing and brushing, making it again beautifully shiny, supple and less “frizzy”.

To tame the relatively thick hair, special care products help. Conditioner and conditioner are definitely a must – but also anti-frizz lotion and hair oil tame the wild mane.

This is how they really show off red hair

Woman With Natural Red Shiny Hair
A unique look with shiny, beautifully groomed red hair.

When it comes to makeup and clothing, the darker the red color of the hair, the stronger the rest of the color palette.

In bright red heads, natural tones such as light brown, green, beige or mother of pearl are recommended. Those who have received the full red power by nature can also turn to dark brown, rich gold or emerald green.

When it comes to rouge, nuances with a high brown content are recommended. Those who do not like the lipstick should choose the lip color in the same tone as the hair color or put on a transparent lip gloss.

For men, it is also worth standing by to red hair. Prominent trendsetters like Ed Sheeran show it off. Also in our campaign #createyourstyle, our model shows why you should be proud of the extraordinary hair color.

In order to support the elven radiance, redheads with highlighters should be thrilled: A bit of glow on the cheeks, the tip of the nose and under the arch of the eyebrows sets magical accents.

Burgundy: How To Wear The Trend Color

Reds are currently very trendy. A nuance in particular: Bordeaux. Deep burgundy looks classy and seductive – and is a real eye-catcher as a hair color! We reveal what matters when dying and who the color is

There are hair colors that look delicate and restrained. Honey blond about or Rehbraun. And then there are hair colors that pop right.

Pink for example – or Bordeaux red, a strong shade of red, which is currently very trendy again and especially one radiates self-confidence. In addition, the sound is grown and elegant. We reveal to which types of women the color fits and how it is dyed.

Dye Bordeaux red? That’s how it works

Woman With Cell Phone And Reddish Hair
Bordeaux Red Hair Looks Stylish – And Confident.

Women with brunette hair can easily dye burgundy themselves.

Important here: The initial hair color should not be much darker than the desired tone when self-coloring. If the color change is bigger, you should consult with a hairdresser in advance – to make sure that the Bordeaux red will actually be as you imagine.

A Schwarzkopf Professional Hairdresser can be found using our Salon Finder.

If you have medium brown or light brown hair, you can use it for coloring. Dyeing at home is child’s play with a coloration pack.

Tip: Maintain hair intensively for two to three weeks in advance. On dry hair, the color does not last as well; on the other hand, the result is less shiny.

So Bordeaux Red Hair Is Cared For

Woman With Bordeaux Text Hair And Blouse
With Proper Care, Bordeaux Red Hair Radiates Particularly Long.

To complete the coloration, be sure to use the sealer provided in the package. As a result, the Bordeaux red shines intensively and the hair surface that has been opened by the dying is closed again.

Red color pigments are very small, which is why they dissolve accordingly faster from the hair than other hair colors.

So that your hair radiates as long as possible in deep Bordeaux, you can use a hair care series for colored hair. This protects against the fading of the color and lets the color shine for a long time.

Tip: As an extra care once a week, prepare an intensive treatment and leave for about ten to 15 minutes.

These Women Are The Trend Of Bordeaux

Woman With Rusty Hair And Black Outfit
Bordeaux Red Hair Goes Well With Clean Outfits.

The trend tone Bordeaux is a warm color. It fits particularly well with women with a beige or olive complexion and brown or green eyes.

As far as styling is concerned, for a sophisticated look, choose straightforward, clean outfits. Colors like black, ocher or dark emerald green look great with burgundy hair.

Trendsetters are now wearing rosy blond hair

When it comes to trend colors, blond always plays a big role. Recently there is a nuance that causes a great deal of excitement: Roséblond!

Platinum blonde, blue orange, honey blonde, caramel blonde or blond: the range of blond tones seems endless. Roséblond is the new hype in terms of hair color, and it not only makes your mane but also your complexion looks especially fresh.

Trendsetters Are Now Wearing Rosy Blond Hair

The Beauty Secret of Roséblond

It is suitable for all blondes who are in the mood for a discreet color change.

Do you want to get the new trendy hair color Roséblond? Then go ahead to the next Schwarzkopf Professional Barber. Where to find your nearest neighbor, find out with our Salon Finder.

Make-up for redheads: The best tips

Copper, mahogany or cherry: red hair is beautiful. And always a touch extravagant. They give their wearer a delicate, elfin and mysterious appearance. Or make them exciting, strong and confident. But red hair is demanding and requires a balanced make-up. We reveal which make-up is the most beautiful for redheads

Women with red hair usually have a very light skin. Who is blessed with a clear complexion, can do without a cream foundation, a light powder is enough? If the skin is prone to redness and blemishes, use a foundation with medium opacity.

Avoid tinted creams from time to time, and instead cultivate your pale complexion with the foundation that best suits your skin tone – it just looks classy with red hair.

Eye makeup for redhead

The eye makeup for redheads offers even more: Warm eyeshadow tones such as gold, copper, cinnamon, rust or nutmeg harmonize gently with red hair.

For a more sophisticated look, you can look for cool colors like contrasting lilac, plum, petrol or turquoise. And if you only want to set delicate accents, use eyeliner instead of eyeshadow.

Since redheads often have naturally bright eyelashes, the generous use of mascara ensures radiant looks. For very light skin, black mascara can be too hard, so better put a brown-black tone on it. However, avoid deep blacks and fall back on gold, brown or gray tones.

Eyebrow styling on red hair

Important for makeup for redheads is the correct emphasis on the eyebrows: If they are too dark, the face is slightly mask-like, because the contrast to the light skin is much too strong. Eyebrow pencils or powders are ideal in a warm brown-red tone. For a soft effect, brush the color between the hairs with light pressure.

Rouge tones for red hair

So that redheads do not look like red cheeks, only natural nuances on the cheeks come: Coral, apricot or peach-colored rouge conjure a radiant yet noble complexion. Avoid pinks because they are too cool for warm redheads.

Lip make-up for redheads

Coral, peach, apricot, rose: lipstick or lip gloss in natural tones or nude nuances look simply the most beautiful.

Who controls the make-up rules for a redhead, may also opt for the other extreme. A deep red painted mouth looks fantastic when the rest is reserved.

Makeup for Redheads: The Makeup Tricks Of The Stars

Make-up for redhead: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman does not need much to shine: black mascara for her light blue eyes, delicately peachy blush for the cheeks and a shimmering lip gloss

Nicole Kidman Make-up for Redhead, Red Hair Color

Make-up for Redhead: Lily Cole

Lily Cole uses a lilac eyeshadow that beautifully emphasizes her eyes and blends perfectly with the restrained pink tone on her lips

Lily Cole Makeup for Redhead, Red Hair Color

Make-up for redhead: Christina Hendricks

Smokey Eyes: work for redheads: Christina Hendricks provides moments with anthracite and light gray – and with a coral tone for restraint on the lips

Christina Hendricks Make-up for Redhead, Red Hair Color

Blog Trends: Hair Dyeing in Red

Bloggers caught fire around the world: red hair is trendy. Even stars have discovered the signal color for themselves.

Drew Barrymore Hair coloring in Red
© Getty Images
Coloring the hair in red: Drew Barrymore’s eyebrows were co-dyed, which is particularly natural

Nevertheless, the club of redheads has grown in recent weeks to some members: hair dye in red is a trend.

Not the least bit innocent of this development, along with stars like Drew Barrymore, are bloggers all over the world.

Dye hair: stay natural

Especially with fair skin, red hair looks very harmonious. If you have an olive or dark complexion, you should consult a professional before dyeing your hair.

Coloring hair: Bloggers see red

Reagan of Hairdresser on Fire has chosen a gentle strawberry red. A nuance that looks especially nice to a golden undertone of the skin. The blogger works as a hairstylist in New York and uses her blog as a creative playground: In addition to hairstyle pictures and tutorials, there are tips on care products and hair dyeing.

The hair of fashion blogger Rebecca from Virginia shines in an intense copper tone. That was not always the case: Before she could dye her hair, she had to lighten her brown hair step by step.

Now she has arrived at her dream hair color. In her outfit posts, she shows that a firing head can look really great even with red clothes. The artistically styled red hair of the French woman fits the overall picture of the lovingly staged photo series.

Blog Trends Hair Dyeing in Red
© The Clothes Horse / Pandora. Hair coloring in red: Blogger Rebecca shows that even red clothing is not a taboo, while Louise convinced of the blog Pandora with ornate reddish hair
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