10 Red Lipsticks That Make You Want Like All the French Stars


This Is the Best Red Lipstick From Dm

the perfect lipstick from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Co.?

No problem! We have one for you found lipstick easily keep up with the high-end products.

Red Lipstick
GETTY IMAGES-The search for the perfect lipstick is over. We have discovered in. And in dm.

Lipstick From Dm

The Color Sensational Lipstick By Maybelline Is The Winner

Maybelline’s Color Sensational lipstick comes in 47 shades. Whether matt, berry, nude, pink, red or shiny – there is something for every taste and skin type. The creamy texture can be applied very easily and evenly, leaving a nice, intense color and a comfortable fit.

The lipstick nourishes the lips and protects them from drying out. In addition, she has a high opacity and the color holds despite eating, drinking and smooching super long. Another plus: She also smells super pleasant.

Conclusion: The Color Sensational lipstick by Maybelline offers a great value for money. She can keep up with the expensive products – although it costs less than 10 euros! Ka-Ching!

Suddenly one, our mouth is bright red, perfect to enhance our look and brighten up our beauty. For proof, just look at all the French stars who have adopted it.

But everybody does not feel comfortable enough to take the plunge and try it. Because the color is vivid, it must assume. Above all, before embarking, it should control the action, not to be dress up a mouth drool.

No need to be a great makeup artist to dare the carmine mouth.

With or without lip liner, the application requests a hint of fingering. If ever you do not have confidence in your ability, the chubby may be the solution. With its tip that facilitates the installation, everyone can get started!

Laetitia Casta Velvety Lips in Bright Red Lipsticks

And to still give some good reasons to take the plunge, just look at all the stars who have adopted French red mouth, Starting with Laetitia Casta, Sexy at will with its velvety lips.

Best French Stars Bright Red Lipsticks Look

09. Clara Morgane

Clara Morgane of red lipstick and a beauty accessory with its retro and sexy look

The singer and presenter is a follower of red lipstick and a beauty accessory that goes very well with its retro and sexy look.

08. Léa Seydoux

Léa Seydoux Displays Lipstick Carmine With Her Blonde Hair

The French, which is found in James Bond girl in “Spectrum” is never as beautiful as when she displays lipstick carmine and A color that goes beautifully with her blonde hair.

07. Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis Red Lipsticks beauty looks

The mother of the young Lily-Rose Depp loves beauty looks simple. But on the red carpet, she happens to unsheathe the carmine mouth, and it suits her!

06. Adriana Karembeu

Adriana Karembeu Colorful Lipstick

The former model, now an actress on TF1 and animator for M6, knows what suits her. From its long-legged, she often displays a colorful and glamorous mouth.

05. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard Dior Muse Red Lipstick With Short Hair

The Dior muse has long adopted the scarlet mouth and a hue that brings a touch of sophistication to her look on the red carpet.

04. Eva Green

Eva Green Jet-Black Hair Combined With Vermilion Lips

With her milky complexion and jet-black hair, Eva Green has all of the fatal beauty. So when she combined with vermilion lips, the s*x appeal is at its maximum.

03. Elodie Frégé

Elodie Frégé Crimson Mouth Red Lipstick With Flaming Hair

The juror of “Idol” has become accustomed to associate a crimson mouth to her flaming hair and a car that transforms the singer duo in the real bomb.

02. Ophelia Meunier

Ophelia Meunier Red Crimson Lips

The former presenter of “minute pop” the “Petit Journal” all of a mannequin and because this is where it started, Today the cast of “New Edition”, it continues to seduce and sometimes uses the red crimson lips to conquer the crowds.

01. Anaïs Demoustier

Anaïs Demoustier white dress with bright red Lipstick


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