Refresh Facial with Cucumber


Who would have thought that a cucumber is a great ingredient for your skin care. Even supermodel Kate Moss has been wearing these fruits for skin care that she has Reasons for using cucumber as face care is as follows:

Cucumber is rich in vitamin E which is good for skin

Cucumber contains liquid extracts are good for maintaining and preserving the skin

Use cucumber for skin care is quite easy and simple to do.

Has a beautiful face that difficult? Who says? The proof Moss had an effective way to perform facials using cucumber. She also prefers natural face care receipts rather than chemical cosmetics.

Basically, there are several cosmetic chemical that can make a bright and beautiful face in an instant but if the cosmetic chemical used continuously you will know what will happen?

Therefore, the use of herbs, cucumbers, is highly recommended here. How to use is also very easy. All you have to do first is to set up one cucumber that you cut in a circle.

Refresh Facial with Cucumber

Furthermore the cucumber and squeeze the juice in the cup of fluid intake a small bowl or container that you provide. Apply cucumber liquid effective to your skin thoroughly, starting from the chin, cheeks, forehead, and so forth.

You can do facial treatment using cucumber every morning in accordance with advice from Moss who said that she often uses extracts of cucumber and rub it into the face every morning.

She felt that the bags under her eyes every day always swell after waking. This of course must be addressed immediately because it could undermine confidence in her as one of the entertainment. By using extracts of cucumber, she claimed could solve swelling of the eyes in cruel.

Plus, the cucumber is also good to refresh your face and protect it from harmful UV rays. For those of you, who often do outdoor activities must be done in proper skin care. Appropriate treatment for the face is of course intended for the good of yourself.

Using cucumber is also guaranteed to be able to make your skin become even louder than before. Just look at Kate Moss who until now still has the facial skin taut even though she was already stepping 40 years.

It is no more need for you to rely on and use to tighten chemical cosmetics and skin care. All that should be avoided. Solution by using a cucumber facial treatment is the right step to choose. Besides doing positive activities such as sports are also good for the health of your face.

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