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Of course, a perfect manicure does not only include the nails – but the cuticles must also be properly cared for. Cut or even nibbled cuticles are an absolute no-go. We’ll show you how to remove your cuticles and what you should consider.

Our cuticles are one of the more sensitive parts of the body. External influences such as cold or high stress on the hands can cause the skin around the fingernails to dry out and become cracked.

This not only looks ugly but can also lead to painful wounds. With the right care, however, you can get this problem under control quickly. This also includes removing the cuticles regularly. However, there are a few things to consider.

Remove Cuticles
There are a few tips to keep in mind when removing cuticles.

Remove Cuticles: Never Cut Cuticles

Even if it is tempting to use scissors to remove the cuticles, we can only advise against it! Cutting can cause the cuticles to grow ugly, catch fire or tear again and again.

Therefore: stay away from the scissors! After all, the risk of injury is also quite high here – not paying attention and you slip off. In addition to cutting the cuticles, nibbling or nibbling off the cuticles is, of course, an absolute no-go. This can not only cause inflammation but can also look very neglected.

Remove Cuticles: Use The Right Tools

Rosewood sticks are the gentlest and probably the best way to remove cuticles. With them, the cuticles can be easily pushed back. Since rosewood sticks are particularly soft, they not only reduce the risk of injury, they also do not damage the nail. In addition, you can also use special skin pliers *, which beauticians also use, to remove excess skin after treatment with the rosewood stick.

Rosewood sticks, on the other hand, are available for around 5 euros from Amazon *.

Remove Cuticles: Soften Cuticles

Before you start removing the cuticles, you should prepare them well. There are various cuticle removers * to make the skin a bit softer and easier to remove. It is a liquid that is applied to the cuticles to soften them a little.

So the skin can be pushed back later with a rosewood stick. Alternatively, you can also use a home remedy: nail oil. Just let it work on your skin before the treatment. You should also put this on your hands and massage in after removing the cuticles.

If you have a little more time, you can, of course, treat your hands to a small bath – this also softens the skin around the nails.

Remove Cuticles: Regular Care

Pushing back and/or carefully removing them with special pliers is of course not enough. Of course, to keep your hands well-groomed, you have to pay them regular attention. It is therefore advisable to treat your hands with nail oil * at least once a week and to use hand cream regularly. We have put together more tips for you here:

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