Ribbon Highlights Are The New Balayage! This is how the look works


It really does exist! Ribbon highlights are currently conquering Instagram and just look sensational. Similar to the Balayage effect, the ribbon highlights give the hair more depth and set natural accents.

These look very natural and make the hair shimmer interesting. We’ve put together some of the most beautiful ideas on ribbon highlights, revealing what they are and how to follow this pretty hair color trend.

What are Ribbon Highlights?

The Balayage color is not concentrated on the hair tips. The concept behind this new hair dye technique is to start with a dark hair color (like brunette) and bring fine highlights in a lighter shade of hair.

Ribbon Highlights

Medium-brown base color with thin, caramel-colored highlights, which are like pretty ribbons in the hair traversed. The result creates a beautiful contrast between light and dark tones.

The trend is absolutely ideal for brown, dark blonde or ash brown hair. With shades of gold, caramel and copper, shades of brown appear extra noble and lively.

To comfort blondes, we will simply say that they do not need ribbon highlights to shine!

What Care Do The Ribbon Highlights Need?

Ribbon Highlights Dark Hair Waves With Curling Iron

You should keep in mind that achieving a ribbon highlight look may require bleaching or lowlights.

If your hair is already a light brown or blonde color, you will need to add some dark shades to get a contrast.

Your dream hair color in our photo gallery,

show it to your colorist she can get a better idea of ​​what you’re up to.

Once you become the proud owner of ribbon highlights.

You should combine them with hairstyles that bring out your beautiful new hair color. We have put together a few ideas below.

# 1: Big Curls Hair Styling Idea

One of the nicest ways to style your new ribbon highlights is with a curling iron or even a straightener. The look you should choose: big, loose waves. You should prepare your hair with heat protection. Once you have styled your curls,

use a little hairspray to fix the final result.

Ribbon Highlights Light Brown Dark Brown Long Hair

# 2: Air Dried Waves Hair Styling Idea

After showering, spray your damp hair with this defining spray and let the hair dry in the air. If you are naturally straight hair, comb the tips a bit.

The “ribbon highlights” look wonderful in combination with a ponytail, half-bun and pigtail hairstyle.

Streak Individual Strands Lighter to Emphasize the Benefits of the Face View
Ribbon Highlights Around The Face With Dark Brown Hair Highlight Facial Contours
Ribbon Highlights Long Hair Brunette Step Cut
Ribbon highlights blond more intense around the face shoulder-length hair center parting

Balayage Trend: Sexy Highlights For Every Hair Color

The Technique Works With All Hair Colors

In the case of brunettes, Ramirez leaves the roots dark and only softly colors transitions that are barely visible in the lengths and tips. The stylist dyes the front sections of hair brightly from the height of the chin. This gently frames the face and makes you look younger.

They give the whole the “lived-in” beach look.

Even with red hair, the look works. This reflects sunlight most beautifully and flatters light skin.

Emiliy Blunt Natural Highlights Medium-Long Hair
Brunette Highlights Frame The Face
Warm Caramel Highlights In Brown Long Hair Freehand
Golden Blond Strands In Light Brown Hair Freehand Hair Dyeing Technique
Ash-Brown And Light Brown Highlights In Dark-Haired Ribbon
Caramel Highlights On Dark Brown Ribbon Highlights
Natural-Looking Strands Of Copper Caramel On Dark Hair

Copper Orange Ribbon Highlights With Dark Brown Hair Curls

While we focused on balayage, baby lights and soft pastel colors in summer, we look forward to cooler trend hair colors in autumn. This year there are again beautiful shades that give your hair an autumn update.

These include cool blonde tones, dark brown tones and warming highlights. The women of Hollywood show us which trend colors we should use this fall .

Wearing hair a little darker in autumn is very popular with women. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the hair automatically gets a little darker due to less solar radiation and, on the other hand, that there is no better time to try out a darker shade. If you want to try a dark color this fall, try a cool dark brown, a maroon, or a jet black.

Gigi Hadid with Bronde

This trend color is perfect for women who can not decide, because Bronde is a hair color that lies exactly between blonde and brown. Depending on the skin tone, Bronde can give the hair a warm sun-kissed or a cooler touch.

Olivia Munn with Warm Highlights

Don’t you dare to make a complete change yet? Then you can do it like model Olivia Munn and set highlights with delicate strands. The so-called “Ribbon Highlights” are one of the biggest hair trends this year. Delicate strands are painted in a warm shade by hand in the hair so that they look as natural as possible.

Chrissy Dough With a Dark Base and Light Tips

The smoothness of the transition alone decides whether a dark approach looks neglected or looks good. If the hair becomes very lightly lighter from the roots to the tips, i.e. there is a color between the dark roots and the light tips, the result looks as beautiful as with Chrissy Teigen.

Kim Kardashian with Platinum Blonde

The platinum blonde was already a popular hair color for celebrity women in summer. Kim Kardashian has only recently started to wear the trendy platinum blonde with a silver cast.

Lily Collins with Burgundy

This year, red is the absolute trend color for autumn. Red high on the list for hair color trends.

The front parts of the hair are colored lighter from about chin height

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