Rihanna Fenty Creepers By X Puma, The List Of Stores That Sell!


J-1 before you can shopper recent Creepers Rihanna Fenty by Puma. 3 new colors that make the entire crazy world. To avoid disappointment here is a list of shops where to find them

Arrivals on Snapchat in a cannon teasing, the 3 new Creepers Rihanna Fenty by Puma already create envy. Available from tomorrow (May 26), as announced Instagram posts Rihanna and Puma, the new street-chic babies are enough to make us a little crazy . Sold € 120, like the previous pair, these are very mixed in their colors.

There is a pure white sole understood to have a pointed base to add to dressing and a full black before the green and burgundy fir pair will make you come undecided. Not easy to choose when we fall completely to this new design swung by Rihanna and Puma in September 2015.

Rihanna Fenty Creepers By X Puma, Sneakers

In less than a year, the colors were chained and infatuation strengthened, as many signs that Rihanna is fashionable what Kendall Jenner is the model: a reference .

If you remember, the last by Rihanna Fenty Creepers for Puma were sold out within hours, so it took you a little help for you to have yours. With a non-exhaustive list, boutiques and e-shops that sell the pair you will have 2 times more likely to be in the Creepers Army , which includes including Cara Delevingne.

White, green and burgundy or black, this model city of sneakers is a must that you can shopper in five Parisian stores and 11 provincial shops. Those who can not move, do not panic, Puma has planned the coup with its e-shop and two others that are online shop Sarenza and Sneakers.fr. It only remains to wait for 00h does sound because we are not sure that you find your Creepers Fenty by Rihanna for Puma morning online.

The out of stock watches, for you to play!

  • Citadium – 56 Rue de Caumartin, 75009 Paris
  • Colette – 213 Rue Saint Honore, 75001 Paris
  • BlackRainbow – 68 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris
  • Shinzo – 39 Rue Etienne Marcel, 75001 Paris
  • PIILS – 2 Place de la Porte Maillot, 75017 Paris
  • The Location – 37 Rue de Metz, 31000 Toulouse
  • Gallery 15/20 – 25 Rue des Quinze Vingts 10000 Troyes
  • Sneakers Bar – 28 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 54000 Nancy
  • Shibuya – 147 Rue Charles Gounod, 83700 Saint-Raphaël
  • Scott Premium – 8 Rue Scribe, 44000 Nantes
  • Scott Premium – Rue Bosphorus, Shopping Centre Alma, 35200 Rennes
  • Helium – 17 Rue du Palais, 57000 Metz
  • New Shop – 318 Rue de Bourgogne, 45000 Orléans
  • Urban Shooz – 7 Rue des Frères, 67000 Strasbourg
  • The Buzz Lab – 18 Rue de la Clef 59000 Lille
  • Street Connection – 24 Rue de Brest, 69002 Lyon
  • SARENZA (website)
  • Sneakers.fr (website)

Credit: Puma

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