Which Rouge Suits Me? Tips And Examples For Every Skin Type


With Rouge, you can give the face a fresh touch and model the facial features. It’s about making the rest of your face look brighter and fresher. But you should use the right blush color for your skin tone. The goal is to choose a color that matches the color of your cheeks when they blush naturally. Rouge can also make your evening make-up so much better. Our experts will tell you which rouge suits which skin type.


11. Which Rouge Suits Which Skin Tone?

Skin Type Bright

Women with fair skin should prefer to forego brightly colored shades. Light pink, peach or bright coral shades will make your porcelain skin shine. Put on a rouge with a creamy texture that gives your skin a natural finish. The cream rouge is easy to blend and looks very natural.

Dab the blush with your fingers on your cheeks or spread gently with a blush brush. Too much product or the use of saturated hues produce an absurd clown look. Avoid a makeup faux pas by choosing the right blush intensity for a natural blush.

Which Rouge Suits Which Skin Type Light Medium Dark

Skin Type Means

Similar to the light skin type, pink and peach tones are also the best choice here. However, you should apply a deeper shade each time, or apply a little more until you reach the desired intensity. A rich pink and even some mauve tones will flatter your skin – especially if you apply the blush in the right places. Find out by smiling and seeing where your cheekbones are projecting. Apply a little rouge on the outer cheekbones in a crescent shape.

Tip: If You Have Olive Skin, Avoid Cooler Shades Like Plum.

Which Blush Color Fits Skin Tone Light Dark

Skin Type Dark

Deep reds, oranges, and purples are the ideal blush colors for those with darker skins. The trick is to choose blush in bright colors. These colors, unlike powder pink, will make your skin look radiant rather than pale. Choose a fuchsia tone (like a dark glowing orchid) if your skin tone looks warmer. A cool guy has deep mandarin shades very nice.


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