How To Run When It’s Hot Weather? + Burn More Calories


Run the summer when it’s hot, it’s risky? If you have not prepared your body, you’re equipped to go running in good conditions and know the gestures to adapt to play sports during extreme heat without the risk of dehydration or you fall into the apples. An update on the dangers, tips to adopt and mistakes to avoid for a running session in peace.

It is often said ” It’s too hot to run,” especially during the heat waves due to heat waves of summer. Do physical exercises in sweltering heat can be tricky. This requires imperatively take some extra precautions.

How To Run When It's Hot Weather? + Burn More Calories

If the body is well prepared, it can run almost any weather. Everyone reacts differently to heat during its running: we must listen to her feelings, capabilities, and limitations. The body becomes acclimated to high temperatures but it takes time, good equipment and appropriate behavior.

In short, take the right actions to protect themselves and avoid discomfort. To help you, here are some guidelines to follow to run in hot weather without suffering.

The dangers of running in hot weather

Playing sports in full dodger tired faster the body, the legs are heavy. Because of temperature increases, there is an intense dehydration. In addition, there is an increased risk of pollution peaks. Result: polluted air particles accumulate in the lungs for your foot race. In the end, a small decrease in running performance is not uncommon when it’s hot.

The benefits of running in hot weather

But running in hot weather improves thermoregulation process. In addition, with the heat, the muscles warm up faster. They are more flexible, less aches exit. And then the sun is good for mood and boosts vitamin D content

Run under the sun mistakes to avoid

Some mistakes can cost you a sunstroke, discomfort or worse coma:

– Exercising in the sun between 11 am and 16h.

– Do not drink before and after, without hydrated during the running.

– Running in bra, 0 textile protection against the sun.

– Running in the city amid the cars and therefore pollution.

– Go to train after a good meal washed down or after smoking a cigarette, drinking stimulants (coffee, tea, coca cola, very sweet drinks …).

The tips to follow for a good running

Here are some guidelines to follow for quality training and above all safe for your health, even in hot weather.

The preparation before the race:

– Ensure beforehand of her good physical condition from her doctor.

– To listen and let her body time to adapt to these temperature increases. Y gradually go the first 3 days. The body starts to really use it after about a week.

– Take a cold shower just before training.

– Apply sunscreen thoroughly.

– Eating before sport: it is important to adopt a healthy diet. Opt for fruits and vegetables rich in water and white meat.

– Equip: attach the hair during her workout with a suitable hairstyle. Wear protective sunglasses. Cover your head with a cap. Adapt its sportswear in summer: wear loose clothing rather not prevent heat dissipation, because evaporation is the best way to cool off in summer. For the low, favoring short shorts. As for color, dark clothes absorb light while colored clothing rejects: better leverage white sportswear.

During training:

– Running out of towns to avoid as much pollution.

– And Running in shaded places like the path in the shade of a forest.

– Running on grass, grass, gravel or soil.

– Wear a shirt or slightly moistened wet to stay cool for a moment.

– Hydration before, during and after exercise (between 0.4 and 0.8 liters of water). During the race, drink in small quantities without waiting for thirst.

– If water the face, especially the head, neck, and hands.

– At the slightest beginning of heat stroke – dizziness, lightheadedness, chills, headache – instantly stop the drive. Running multiple is also recommended.

– Adapt your pace by ensuring a slow evolution of her pace. Maintain its efforts in controlling her impulses heart not to be over-rev.

– Reduce its 10 minutes warm up and increase her recovery time at the finish. Let her body get used gradually. Avoid cold shower directly after the meeting.

Fallback solutions to withstand the heat

It may be necessary to step aside to counter an unbearable heat:

– Running at night or playing sports early in the morning with fresh.

– Exercising indoors with the air conditioning at home or in the gym. It is sometimes so hot that it is better to resign, without going to abandon her workout, but the plan it. What some associate with your racing muscle building.

– Split the workout. For example in a game early in the morning and another at nightfall. Remember that running too much can harm your health.

Your heat adaptation must be done taking into account all of these factors to ensure good physical shape throughout your workout. To you the kilometers of pure happiness!

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