Safe Driving Tips For Women Step By Step


safe driving tipsWomen safe driving tips are now more active and more freely indulge because almost all of them already have their own vehicle be it a car or a motorcycle.

But the risk that they face far greater than men when driving because the woman in view of the weaker and thus more vulnerable to crime and road accidents.

Here are safe driving tips for women riders to avoid things that are not desirable.

1. Use the pants to be more comfortable in driving. If using skirt you will not be free to move and your reflexes will be hindered your skirt.

2. Avoid high heels because if the drive motor will be difficult to pass the teeth or if you use motor mastic stability will be compromised if the red lights are on and if the vehicle is stopped temporarily.

3. Do not use flashy jewelry. If you still want to use it if you have to wear it till the destination. Watch the most secure for now just earrings and rings.

4. Do not forget to keep important phone numbers such as parents, siblings, hospitals, police stations and repair your subscription. That is because you will not necessarily smooth journey without constrained.

5. If you are the type of people who are preoccupied with the phone ringing every time, you have to use hands free or headset before driving. Accidents often occur because motorists driving while phoning.

If you are a motorist you need to avoid some of the causes of traffic accidents and follow the road driving tips for women.

Do not drive when the body does not fit, sleepy and sick or are taking medications such as sleeping pills containing cold medicines and cough.

If sleepiness is suddenly attacked, topical your vehicle for a short break to fit again but remember do not forget to lock your car doors.

Learn the type of vehicle and its character if the vehicle of your own it will be easier to understand. However, if a vehicle is used unusual you drive you should understand well its kind as some vehicles require different treatment.

If you drive yourself prepare equipment such as paper self defense spray to prevent crime. Drive safely and never violate traffic regulations.

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