Fast and Safe Weight Loss: Reality or Myth?


How to lose weight fast, an effective and safe weight loss with diet – a very attractive idea, which practically can never be realized in practice… Basically, to lose weight quickly and without harm to health is possible, but it does not mean, that after the diet the weight will remain at the desired point. So, what are the safest means of losing weight with long-term results?

How to Lose Weight Fast, Safe Weight Loss With Diet

The simple principle of “eat less and move more” sounds great, but how to motivate you to fit her? We know of at least three ways to safe lose weight without exhausting diets.

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1) Food Diary. It really helps to get rid of excess weight. Just try: write down your diet for a week, and you will not only be able to analyze and make adjustments to their menu but also automatically begin to less snacking and add candy to tea. After all, nobody wants to see, that the 10 desserts were eaten per day! When you do not follow your menu, you can not even guess about, how many hazards it includes.

Optional carry food diary for you. You can install the appropriate app on your phone, for example, YouFood, and enter into a kind of a social network such diaries.

2) The success of the Group. Firstly, it can be “finished” support group, which you can easily find on the web. Today, there are more of such projects, where the lead figure in the order you help dietitians and fitness instructors, who make up an individual program and daily monitor its implementation. Engage can be remote, getting all the materials on the Internet. Every week or even every day, you’ll have to write a report on that, what you eat and how to train. Support from the trainer and the participants will help you not to abandon a project called “perfect body.”

The second option – to create their own successful band. To do this, you can just throw a cry in social networks, to collect those wishing to work on themselves in a closed community. There you will be sharing their successes, discuss challenges and actively support each other. Plus these groups is, that you will have high social motivation is not to throw the calorie counting, the refusal of the sweet food and sport.

3) A systematic approach – Fitness and proper nutrition the most win-win situation. Many people want a miracle – for example, to lose weight by 10 kg per week, then return to normal overeating and maintain weight. You know, that does not happen? And the questions on the topic ” What are the pills safe for weight loss” is also discarded. Hard fat burners and diet pills do not give you a perfect body for a lifetime.

Include in your diet more protein, exceptional fast carbs, ask the coach to make your training program and is engaged on it 3 times a week. These simple steps can not but lead to the desired result.

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The rate of safe weight loss are:

  • 500-900 grams per week
  • 3.2 kg per month

If diets promise you a fast and safe weight loss, know, that to keep the result will be very difficult. A safe way to lose weight there, even though she is not as fast, how many people want. Home only – to find motivation and to get support, which will not leave the matter in the middle. Do not expect instant results, prepare for a systematic work on oneself, and the results will come!

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