Sag Awards 2015 Best Celebrity Dresses On The Red Carpet


Sag Awards 2015 best celebrity dresses all the looks of the stars on the red carpet

A new red carpet with many celebrity look to judge. After the lucky Golden Globe in 2015 but before the award of the infamous Oscar, it’s time to take a look at another red carpet exclusive, i.e. that of the Screen Actors Guild Awards , better known as Wis. Many women celebrities who walked the red carpet, so many clothes from the catwalk we saw in wear long evening staged in that of Los Angeles.

In short, each has tried to do the best but we are sure that we are truly successful? As always, we inspected for you all the looks of the evening and we have chosen some. Discover with us what you need to know behind the choice of style of the most famous celebrities in the world. Let’s start from Jennifer Aniston, who at this time is experiencing a true story and is always on the covers of major magazines. The blonde actress to Sag Awards 2015 wore a gown by John Galliano vintage, a model very slipped with really deep neckline. Now, Aniston is definitely a beautiful woman has a lot of style and it is fascinating, but as time passes and the force of gravity there is really friendly: it would not be better to wear a bra, stand, or something that would take on the neckline?

Sag Awards 2015 best celebrity dresses

Definitely more beautiful and interesting choice of Keira Knightley For the uninitiated, the actress is pregnant, so here is explained clothes rather large wearing on the red carpet lately. After not having much convinced with previous creations (see the Chanel opted for the Golden Globe), this time we conquer a romantic look with purple and lace weblog Erdem. What do you think? The bright green is definitely one of the colors that best gives the red Julianne Moore and yet, this time, with her long dress with crystals slipped Givenchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci did not then believe so much …

At first glance, Julia Roberts had definitely convinced us, but then we looked better. It’s not a complete broken male but a suit that, although she is beautiful, not gives it that much. Sorry!

Finally, we present the beautiful Emmy Rossum with a beautiful dress couture line of Giorgio Armani. Has a very simple, yet perfect for its physicality. It is a gray dusty but brilliant work with sublime. In short, Emmy Rossum is the best dressed of the Sag Awards 2015, there is no doubt!

Sag Awards 2015 Best Celebrity Dresses From Jennifer Aniston to Keira Knightley, looks at us the best look

Jennifer Aniston Gold Green gown by John Galliano vintageKeira Knightley pregnant In Long Purple Lace Dress for the Golden GlobeJulianne Moore in ​​long dress with crystals slipped Givenchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci Julia Roberts V-neck Black pant dress Emmy Rossum beautiful long dress couture line of Giorgio Armani

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