The Mini Salt Dough Hearts to Decorate Christmas Gifts


Christmas Decoration From Salt Dough: Tinker With Toddlers

At Christmas, let’s get into the heart, even in the gifts! The salt dough will help us to decorate with love and imagination our entire gift.

Decorate Christmas gifts on December 25

Last year I fought alone in the pre-Christmas season.

Handicrafts, deco, cookies … all this I did alone to have our home and our Christmas beautiful. But this year I finally have a little helper. At 2 years and 8 months, miniberlin is the perfect agent for “Mission homey”.

She would like to make, bake, and decorate. Of course, one’s own claim must make some compromises in aesthetics. But that’s a good thing because what matters are the beautiful moments together and the glow in the eyes – not just those of the child.

We make: Christmas decoration from salt dough

Since it also tends to take a bit longer with toddlers or even unplanned runs, we start early this year. But I would not make Christmas decorations in mid-November alone. But so the child has already tuned something for Christmas and can look forward to this time a little longer. And with little highlights in between, we have created great moments!

So I baked with miniberlin figures and pendant from salt dough. This is not difficult, the dirt keeps in the frame and should break something, and we can start all over again.

Salt Dough

For Salt Dough You Need:

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1.5 cups of water

Mix everything or knead and go. You can roll out the dough, make small pendants or coasters with cookie cutters, and make free nose figures or make candlesticks. We had so many ideas that we will probably start again soon.

Salt dough crafts with children

So we have made with small cookie cutters trailer for Christmas tree and Advent wreath.

Therein I made a hole to hang just before the “baking”. And you have a nice decoration or small gift tags or souvenirs for in between. The roll-out is great with a small rolling pin for children and thanks to many forms we had fun for a long time.

Christmas decoration from salt dough

For the grandparents, we made small candlesticks using a tealight glass. Sure, these could be more sophisticated, smoother and perhaps more accurate. But: they were made by the little hands of a two-year-old, that’s much more important. And somehow the baby was involved too…

I was supposed to make a lion out of the remaining dough. Um … but that was too tired, that’s why I preferred to conjure a snail. miniberlin was able to form a few balls with his hand and so we had a small figure for the nursery.

recipe salt dough

All figures must now be in the oven at 100 degrees for about an hour. FINISHED!Salt Dough For CHRISTMAS The next day we got the colors out and painted our little artworks. Whether monochrome, with dots or very abstract: painting with watercolors is always an experience for the children and also us adults, it does quite well if we do not pay attention so much to a clear line.

Theoretically, you can color the dough in advance with food coloring. But I think it’s so nice because you two afternoons can do something nice.

What are you doing with very young children between the ages of two and three?

Here is the tutorial for the cute little hearts gift tag.

The salt dough it never disappoints.

sheloobook suggests a simple way to beautify your parcels as a gift with decorations made by you.

The mini hearts in the salt dough to tie the ribbons gifts.

Christmas Salt Dough heart, Christmas tutorial hearts gift, Christmas mini hearts, Christmas ribbons gifts. Chores Christmas with Salt Dough

Chores Christmas with Salt Dough

Finally, corporate the hearts with a pastry cutter and drill a hole at the top with a toothpick & the diameter of the small hole should not be less than 4mm.

Christmas Salt Dough heart, Christmas tutorial hearts gift, Christmas mini hearts, Christmas ribbons gifts. Chores Christmas with Salt Dough-13

Now you have lots of little hearts to put on tapes of your parcel. The recipients are sure appreciating it.

Merry Christmas!

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