The Secret Campaign For Pregnant Women In Childbirth Pain


Is childbirth painful for everyone pregnant women, with the transit method and dining below pregnancy, will give birth easier when students are in the waiting room?

The closer to the date of birth, the mother’s mood became more turbulent sky. On the one hand, she delighted, excited because I love going to see after October 9 day journey languishes, on the other hand, many women also fall prey to anxiety, anxiety, and fear because there is little known if I can, “through labor”, or can successfully withstand the pain of labor?

Formula series will help elect the mother firmly believes in the delivery room while waiting for students.

Methods To Help Pregnant Women Giving Birth Pain

Labor pain relief by means of breathing

In the first stage of labor, contractions 2-3cm cervical: Mother elect will feel the mild uterine contractions, each lasting 30-50 seconds over a period of 5-6 minutes. At this point, you should try to relax, conduct 6-9 times per minute to breathe.

Recipe: Inhalation (count) two three four, exhale (count) two three four.

Phase 2, cervical quickly widened from 4-8cm. This time, she will see contractions elect strong, fast, fierce intensity from 2-4 minutes, every 60 seconds. To relieve the pain, she needs shallow chest breathing conduct

Recipe: Inhalation (count) two three, breathing (count) two or three. Inhale, breathe, breathe, breathe … fast gradually and continuously.

Labor Pain Relief By Means Of Breathing

Stage 3 cervical elected mother opened almost completely 8-10cm, contraction takes place 1-2 minutes, 30-60 seconds.

Recipe: Breathe breathes a breath, breath … breathe breathe breathe slowly and continuously .nhanh.

Labor pain relief by 4 positions

Some proper posture can help pregnant mothers feel less painful to deal with the pain of labor.

Posture 1: Use your fingers to grip hug husband or caregiver, head, and neck, based on her husband’s shoulder, body leaning toward her husband. Hands hugging her husband over her waist, her hands gently rubbed her back.

Posture 2: Put some soft pad on the bed or floor, kneeling on a cushion elected mother. Husband or caregiver gently along the back, which can help relieve back pain during labor.

Labor Pain Relief By 4 Positions

Posture 3: Find a soft and comfortable chair. Elected Mother sat on her back, chest and stomach pressed against the seat cushions. Husband or caregiver squatting behind, hands massaging his wife’s waist.

Posture 4: Mother husband elected to a knee, chest pressure to the pillow, lying cow butt.

Posture 5: Mother elect to kneel on the bed, legs extended, hands clinging to the body of your husband or on the ground, hands clinging to the bed, legs extended.

Analgesia by … eating

Some women are afraid to eat during labor will make the kidney encounter embarrassing situations when the pushing. But for those elected have time mothers laboring over 10 hours long, if not eating will cause the body exhausted and difficult to overcome the pain.

A study also showed that women are allowed eating during labor have shorter labor time (average 90 minutes). Some food and drink are encouraging hospitals for women include:

  • – Tea
  • – Juice (apple, grape)
  • – Boiled Eggs
  • – Biscuits
  • – Bananas
  • – Yogurt
  • – Soup, gruel

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