Selena Gomez in Paris for Spring Breakers Fashion


Selena Gomez is finally in Paris! For the promotion of her film Spring Breakers Selena Gomez appeared on the balcony of her hotel with her co-stars and was beautiful fashion. Selena Gomez greets her fans from her balcony! What do you think of her look?

Selena Gomez in Paris for Spring Breakers Fashion 1

Selena Gomez is still pretty and even in Paris beautiful which is currently showing the film “Spring Breakers” alongside James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine has informed the City of Lights in February 2013 with her look. This is from the balcony of her hotel in Paris that made an appearance beautiful in white dress patterns all accessorized with a headband in the hair end. Hippie, Selena Gomez for UNICEF was at a concert a few months ago with her bare feet and her wreath but it seems that the good wishes back cover on 17 February 2013. Her short white dress gave him that summer air unusual for a winter in Paris.

Selena Gomez in Paris for Spring Breakers Fashion

Selena Gomez has probably opted for a look, but also natural. The girl bold in action movie “Spring Breakers” was very pretty. Accompanied by very stylish Rachel Korine, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, Selena delighted her young Parisian fans from her balcony. Selena Gomez, who wore a casual look February 12, 2013, same address her fans hearts just to please them and show them her love. So cute! This marathon promoting the film “Spring Breakers” in Paris is so stylish but also professionally. And you, what do you think of the look of Selena Gomez in Paris?

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