Sensual Make Up For Women 2015 2016 Look Book


How To Apply Make Up For Women and Best Foundation For Combination Skin

Make up for women is one of the biggest secrets to getting a woman attractive appearance. Make up is not only intended for young women have were must be kept up well for husband.
Sensual make up can be used as weapon for you to improve intimacy marriage.

Make Up For Women

Here are some quick tips that you can use.

Use Sweet Scented Lotion

Men always like the sweet smell of leather. Use lotion with the scent of chocolate or fruit to make your husband feel at home touching your skin. There is a study that says that the sweet aroma can stimulate and enhance male arousal.

Use a Lip Gloss Taste

To make up sensual in bed do not use make up that is too less. Men prefer to face her natural beautiful without makeup. Even so, you are still allowed to lubricate your lips with lip gloss transparent red with vanilla or strawberry. Your husband is guaranteed to feel at home in the house.


Everyone loves a fragrant scent. Not only women, men also like to linger to chat with her fragrant. To lure her husband using musk or bergamot scented perfume. Both aroma is considered powerful enough to create a sensual fragrance. Spray enough on the wrist, around the neck and cleavage. The area is strategic enough to add excitement to your partner.


In cartoons, cartoons usually depicted a beautiful woman with big eyes and beautiful. It is true that men like women who eyed and beautiful. To get this you do not need to spend millions of dollars to perform plastic surgery on the eye. Just use false eyelashes thick and tapering. However, make sure that long eyelashes are natural because if it is too thick even looks scary.

Red Nails polish

Tips sensual make-up examination is to use a mix of colors. The red color assessed as having a positive aura to increase levels of female sensuality. Choose a red color on your nail polish. If necessary, nail care first at your favorite salon. Would be great if you’re wearing red lingerie to match the color of your nails.

Brazilian Wax

Miss V Area is one of the area’s favorite men. Make small changes in your vagina hair. You can go to a reputable place to do Brazilian waxing.

To reinforce the impression of sensual reserving a bit of hair with a heart or inverted triangle. For you are busy and did not get to the salon just do the thinning of the vaginal hair to make it look more neat and clean.

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