Chatelles: Chic Sequined Slippers for The Holidays


Latest Chatelles Sequined Slippers Collection for New Year Holidays

Brand founded in 2012 and already worn by Pippa Middleton, Chatelles is needed in the world of slippers with colorful patterns, trends, fun … totally dusted from a time when the shoe was still the slipper of the great bourgeois. For the holidays, the sign of Francois du Chastel imagined sequined pairs twisted alone all our year-end looks.

The shoe 12 for parties we love. But sometimes you do not want to run with vertiginous stilettos (still necessary to already know how to walk with), especially if you take public transportation to get out. Fortunately, there is the house Chatelles who chose to make chic shoe slippers, trendy, fun, sequined slippers totally 2015. Better for year-end holidays, the brand blows a party girl wind in her dressing by offering us sequined slippers for just guns.

Sequined Slippers
Slippers Gaspard Chatelles € 190

Here You Got the Sequined Slippers Ideas

Let’s shining!

Nothing like a little glitter to energize our little black dress great night, Benevolent, Chatelles thought of our feet by running pairs sparkling both comfortable and trendy. Love at first sight for the model “Gaspard” navy which pulls out of the game with its pointed tip, also falling for the bi-material release “Harold” that mixes gold leather and black sequins. A slightly more rock that will pair perfectly with a fitted jeans and a lace camisole under a soft gray sweater…

Slippers Arnold Chatelles € 190.
Slippers Arnold Chatelles € 190.

Parties Who Purr

Sequined slippers are also shifted and even models studded with humor as the pair “Ramses” leopard fur playing feline cats with Swarovski crystal eyes and tail heel that fits the urge. A pair tested and approved in writing…

Cherished Velvet

Déclinable to infinity, the slippers are also adorned with velvet “love red” or “purple dandy.” A more cocooning model but still elegant for days of extreme cold.

The Must-Painted Shoes

Also new Chatelles, ultra sleek painted black slippers. A real must-have, it goes with our entire wardrobe of jeans to destroy false wise to the small skater skirt look to finish a maiden. We love the wide grosgrain bow, girly touch that strengthens its magnetic aura totally on us. A pair that will inevitably be competition to our classic black pumps…

Photos Source Chatelles

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