Sessùn Yes Wedding Collection Very Day To Day By Young Designers


Sessùn Yes wedding collection today we look at outfit’s very special wedding day to day. Focus on ”Oui’ the signed Sessùn weddings

If there is little focus our young designers are concerned LUX Goutte d’Or, discover nuggets of the district, today we focus on a theme that will appeal to many girls as this is sessùn who presents a wedding collection in a spirit very day to day. In line with Delphine Collin or Laure Sagazan, Sessùn pushes the concept even day to day later by editing this Sessùn Yes wedding collection consists of dresses, but also combinations and therefore not afraid of married pants!

Sessùn Yes Wedding Collection

Sessùn Yes Wedding Collection 2015

If one could believe this collection inspired by the chic wedding Solange Knowles, the good news remains that these pieces of her marriage, we do not carry them one day. While in the past the wedding dress was quite a look that once wore today is recycled her outfit of D-Day in daily trendy look. Still, the collection ” Yes ” to be Sessùn features can be precisely easier day by day as the big day!

Then we discovered two new outfits wedding Solange Knowles, we noticed that Sessùn decided to ride the trend of refined day to day. And even if you think you can overshadow the wedding Sessùn fashionista look by taking a combi, shorts or a hyper modern babydoll dress, our advice would be to prefer these looks in day to day, or your grandmother risk not to find it.

Far be it from us to necessarily adopt a meringue tradi look but the Sessùn Yes wedding collection ” Yes ” to Sessùn will be much more glam range of step with a few carefully chosen accessories and twisted with a chic blazer or a pair of sneakers fetish. Anyway, all parts will be available in stores and on the e-shop as early as spring 2015 and it will cost you between 120 and 350 € to become the happy owner.

Sessùn Yes Wedding Dresses-04 Sessùn Yes Wedding Dresses-03 Sessùn Yes Wedding Dresses-02 Sessùn Yes Wedding Dresses Sessùn Yes Wedding Dresses- Sessùn Yes Wedding Dresses-01

Photos Source By Sessun, Sessùn

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