Shaving Cream As A Home Help – 8 Unusual Application Tips And Tricks!


The shaving cream or the foam we associate mostly only with the day care of the men. These soften the beard and make shaving easier. But moreover, the shaving cream has some household applications you would never have thought of.

Therefore, you will be very surprised to learn something about it. Here are 8 tips and tricks on how the shaving cream can help you in your household.

Household Tips And Tricks With Shaving Cream

Household Tips Shaving Cream Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Shaving Cream Against Carpet Stains

Believe it or not, the shaving cream eliminates carpet stains. Put some of it on the spot and rub the cream with a damp sponge.

Allow to dry overnight and the next morning, moisten with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. Also spots of shirts are effectively combated.

Here, however, you should wipe the soiled area immediately and then rub in with shave cream or cream for a few minutes.

Shaving Cream: Stove Surface And Stainless Steel Fittings Polish

The stained spots on the ceramic hearth surface are like a thorn in the eye for every woman.

Cover the entire surface with shave cream, let it work for a few minutes and then wipe with a soft cloth. Everything is already clean!

The oven grill and the inside of the stove will keep you clean. The calcified fittings in the bathroom and kitchen bring you to the same method to a high gloss.

An alternative means of providing high gloss in the bathroom and kitchen

Cleaning Tips Shaving Cream Household Tips And Tricks

Stop fogging the mirror

No misting of the bathroom mirror anymore

Each of us knows how annoying the fogged mirror is after a shower in the bathroom. You first have to wipe it off to brush your teeth. But there is a trick against it!

Lubricate the whole mirror with shaving cream or foam and then wipe off. The same trick can be applied to the glass panes of the shower cubicle, the spectacles and even the windows of the car.

Removes Paint And Nail Polish Residue From The Hands

After a refreshing painting of the apartment despite all precautionary measures color remained on the hands. Before you reach for turpentine, put some shaving cream or cream on your hands, then rub in well and wash off.

Even when painting nails, these help to get rid of the clumsy nail polish residue outside the nails. Here you should wait until the nail polish is dry.

Get Rid Of Grease And Paint Quickly

Open The Doors Again Quietly

Doors Squeak Shaving Cream Household Tips +

Lubricate Squeaking Hinges

If the door squeaks annoyingly and you do not have any lubricating oil at home, you can go straight to the shaving cream. Lubricate hinges, let them work in and wipe off!

Clean Jewelry

The shaving cream and cream cleanse well and are not too aggressive. Therefore, they are ideal for cleaning and polishing jewelry and other delicate items. Just good for covering, rubbing and wiping the surfaces.

Shaving Gel For Sunburn

Sounds strange, but the next time you get sunburn, apply some shaving gel on your skin. The cooling effect will immediately relieve the pain.

An Effective Remedy For Sunburn

Sunburn Relieve Shaving Cream Tips And Tricks House

An Idea For Easter Eggs Painting

Easter Eggs Painted Shaving Cream Household Tips

Paint For Children

Prepare a non-toxic paint for children and make for amusing hours. Mix a few drops of food coloring with your shave cream and your little ones can start painting.

Would you have thought that all this would be possible with shaving cream? We’ll put one on top and advise you to take a tube with you at the next picnic.

This will allow you to clean your hands quickly, wash the plates and treat stains. Do not be skeptical for a long time, just give it a try!

You can clean all kind of stainless steel surfaces with shaving cream or cream

Shave Cream Tips And Tricks Household

Shaving Cream: Quickly And Effectively Remove Stains From Textiles

Remove Patches Of Shaving Cream From Household And Tricks

No More Water Marks On The Fittings

Household Tips And Tricks Shaving Cream Cleaning Tips

Make Sure You Have Fun With Children Without Pollutants

Shaving Cream Eggs Coloring Household Tips And Tricks

Also in the car it works guaranteed!

Shaving Cream Household Tips And Tricks Cleaning Tips

Clean Jewelry In An Ingressive Way

Jewelry Clean Shaving Cream Household Tips

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