Shoes and Bell-Bottom Pants Fit For Such A Perfect Match?


Shoes and bell-bottom pants! The flared pants are back in fashion, but what are the right shoes to wear to get a unique style and perfect? Let’s find out together

Tremble, tremble, the shoes and bell-bottom pants are back! In fact, dear readers, there is little to shake and shiver, because this type of calzone, which can be fabric or jeans, for many are a real blessing. Who has legs a bit ‘turned and above is not very high, knows that wearing nice pants escaped on the bottom and a medium heel will give optically few inches more and a slimmer silhouette.Shoes and bell-bottom pants

Caution, not the heel to do the work but it is the end part of the trousers, hiding that the height of the shoe will make your legs look longer, leaner and, simply, the most beautiful.

How to Choose Shoes and Bell-Bottom Pants

If you do not believe, we recommend you try. Once you understand and clarify that these items of clothing from the 70’s are a real holy hand, you have to understand what the perfect combinations are and, as you may guess, it all depends chosen from the shoe.

What Shoes To Wear With Pants Leg?

Well, this is the right question to ask, the one to which we want to immediately give a series of clear answers and effective.


Not too grimace around; the shoes with the heel are necessary. If calibrate models flat you will not get much, indeed struscerete ground around the hem spoiling your loved ones trousers flared. Among these, a good solution to offer the décolleté, because they are certainly the ideal footwear to wear when you go to work especially when working in the office or in a similar environment, you have to wear closed shoes, but in this case, also the peep toe may be for you. To give you a few more inches and convenience, choose it with a plateau but not exaggerated.


If we look back in time to the legendary ’70s, you know that all the shoes with wedge heels are welcome. A true must-have, during the summer you can choose the comfortable and practical espadrilles, while during the winter it is better to focus on the ankle boots very high.

Sandals High

Just like the neckline, high sandals are another good alternative. Again we recommend the use of a beautiful plateau, need for added convenience. Remember that the sandals high recommend them there especially for the evening, so as to be more chic, sophisticated and even more sensual and intriguing.

Bell-Bottom Pants With Shoes to Wear In Flared Pants Are Back In Fashion Bell-Bottom Pants With Shoes to Wear In Flared Pants Are Back In Fashion Bell-Bottom Pants With Shoes to Wear In Flared Pants Are Back In Fashion

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