Should Fasting To Lose Weight?

Should Fasting To Lose Weight
Should Fasting To Lose Weight

Lose weight and drug use advanced technology such as ray’s injections or surgery will prevent you from having a lot of trouble. Some of the advice of the doctors said that fasting is the way to take you to the best standards of weight? Whether that is true or false?

Dr. Nguyen Kim Hung Chairman of Nutrition Ho Chi Minh City said:

“I think the best way to lose weight is fasting. If you know how to practice fasting is the safest method is extremely fast and efficient. Because of the excess weight inside the stockpiles excess body. If we practice fasting the body will take it to the store the excess energy in a very safe and our bodies will be slightly less. Such agencies will operate quietly. For example osteoarthritis not is a burden on overloaded”.

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Cardiovascular or respiratory systems are not many activities to raise so large a body. Then in the body such as the liver detoxification function the kidneys also work to reduce. When it taking what they say there is also the chemical it has increased the burden on the body even if the fasting does not give us anything in the body and for the body to balance the lost balance is available inside.

And on that occasion could possibly eat where all the old cells, cells defective or damaged including tumor cells. So in the case of emergency I suggest, best practices, safest, least expensive, which is the practice of fasting. ”

Should Fasting To Lose Weight -2If the practice of fasting then fasting how to not be tired and still maintain the normal operation. Nutrition experts also said:

“Often people are so tired of his thoughts not by fasting problems. Because when I think of fasting as it was scared then many people think that if they do not eat breakfast people were shaking limbs. But in fact it is the psychological reaction by the fear inside of us. But also storing energy inside our bodies very large.Should Fasting To Lose Weight -1

According to Dr. Nguyen Kim Hung fasting can not only reduce weight but also of the accumulation of toxins in the body. She also offers advice for those who want to lose weight should limit foods high in fat carbohydrate sugar which should be eating more vegetables. Do not eat dinner too saturated and too late after 7 pm. People want to lose weight need determination adjusted mode of living is reasonable do not stay up late or get up late combined with the maintenance of regular physical training regular.

Should Fasting To Lose Weight


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