Shown Beautiful Horsetail Hairstyles With Face Shape


Horsetail hairstyles with face shape for women always have the best way to make her look beautiful one of which is to maximize the hairdo. The part that is often called the crown this woman does have a lot of functions to enhance your appearance especially when adjusted for women’s clothing and the face shape haircuts.

Ponytail hairstyle, or ponytail, a hairstyle the most basic and easy to apply, You just collect all the hair and focusing it back then tie.

Horse Tail Hairstyles

Different Face Shape Horsetail Hairstyles

According to celebrity stylist Jenny Cho and Yoshi Hagiwara, the secret of a good ponytail knows how to outsmart the style according to face shape. Find out more check out the explanation for choosing the best ponytail hairstyle that suits your face shape.

Square Shaped Face Hairstyle

Since the jaw and hairline firmly sculpted face type it is important to make this face shape becomes more memorable gently with the haircut. “Letting a few pieces of hair in the front can create an interesting effect on the banks of the face,” said Hagiwara. “Plus, adding waves and thin bangs will help to disguise the face angle that seemed hard.”

Heart Shaped face Hairstyle

The shape that tends to wide forehead and narrow chin makes you impress a heart-shaped face. With this face, the shape makes bangs sideways to balance the visual state of your forehead.

“Layer helps hide the form broad forehead so that attention can be focused on the cheek area which makes your face as if stretched,” said Hagiwara.

Oval Face Hairstyle

According to Hagiwara owner oval face shape is a lucky woman because they can apply different styles ponytail. Sleek, slightly messy, or high, it will still fit in them. However, you could try a sideways ponytail.

This sideways model has been around since the 80s. In order not to oldies applies a French braid on the front to make a good impression on the shape of your neck. Apply ponytail just behind the ear this will give a modern twist. Be sure to add a beautiful touch of texture with waves or curls that looked volume without looking too ‘wild’.

Diamond shaped face Hairstyle

This face shape is similar to an oval shape but with a little pointier chin, cheekbones and hairline, Forms cheeks that never look bad also characteristic for those who have a diamond face shape. To create a full impression on the top of the head comb your hair to the back to make it look more volume so that the impression will look neat ponytail.

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