Shown With Nail Art Retro Polka dot

Shown With Nail Art Retro Polka dot
Shown With Nail Art Retro Polka dot

For women who love experimenting with nail art here are a wide variety of nail art is cute, adorable, beautiful, even unique types of nail art that you can try it yourself at home.

For women who love vintage especially design that reflects the styles of the ’80s it kind of polka dot nail art design which will be perfect for you.

How to make it pretty easy anyway. First of all we have to prepare the materials that will be needed such as nail polish consists of at least two different colors and also hairpin.

Shown With Nail Art Retro Polka dot 3

We can start by painting your nails with nail polish color first. Wait until dry. Can then proceed to apply another color nail polish with the help of hairpins.

Dip the end of the hairpin on the second nail. We can use any part of his round end so that the results can be kept neat polka dot effect and does not damage nail polish.

In addition to design nail art polka dot vintage and retro design alias, there are also other design is cute leopard design that is perfect for women who want to look bolder.

Shown With Nail Art Retro Polka dot 2

The materials to be prepared include two nail polish colors that have enough contrast and black nail pencil.

Way of its application may be difficult but if we are patient undoubtedly the result will be good. Step by step application of leopard nail art is as follows. Paint your nails with nail polish and let dry basis.

Then make such points when creating a polka dot nail art but do not need to be organized and neat. The more cluttered the nice. And last step is to reinforce the dotted line with a pencil nails.

Shown With Nail Art Retro Polka dot
Shown With Nail Art Retro Polka dot

And for you fans of unique design maybe nail art on paper may be an option. The way is easy. Nail polish the color you want and then let it dry. After that dip the nail into the alcohol and attach a paper newspaper.

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