Simple Hair Care For Long Hair


Hair care for long hair

Long healthy hair is very rare!

Since ancient times, long and well-groomed hair has been a symbol of strength and femininity. Even today, many women want healthy and long hair.

However, it is not so easy to grow a healthy mane, because extra long hair needs a lot of care. The hair grows on average 12 to 15 centimeters per year. Already as of shoulder length, the hairs are up to 3 years old and have been exposed to harmful environmental influences during this time.

Hair care for long hair

For frequent washing with aggressive products, wrong tools, chemical treatments, hair dryer heat , friction eg (on clothing), intensive sunbathing (damage from UV rays), salt and chlorine water make it dry and porous. As a result, the cuticle layer of the hair is roughened, dried and difficult to comb.

A high-quality care range from the hair salon is particularly important here, because only through valuable, the hair chemistry adapted ingredients can be returned to the hair, what it has lost over the years. In addition, it is important to note the following points when taking care of long hair:

Long hair should not be completely combed out more than once a day. For combing a high quality boar bristle brush should be used if possible.

A balanced, healthy lifestyle is a must if you want to keep long hair healthy and long. This includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and exercise. Stress is a real hair killer!

Long hair tends to be very confusing when washing. It should therefore be brushed before washing to avoid being too confused when washing. After washing, never rub the long hair dry with the towel, but press or knead.

This hairstyle is easy and natural to tackle everyday. Just simply let our hair dry in the open air. (St. Algae)

Protect your long hair from too much sun and use sunscreen preparations. The sun extracts valuable moisture from both skin and hair. The hair becomes brittle and tends to break off.

Our Tip: Hair Care For Long Hair

Very fast long hair?
Then we recommend a hair extension .

If you have time, we recommend: Before you start to grow your hair, it is worthwhile to have an in-depth hair and scalp analysis in your hairdressing salon. There you can tell exactly which care combination (shampoo, conditioner, hair conditioner) is best for your hair type.

Just like the skin through cosmetics, the long hair must be supplied with care substances from the outside.

The professional combination of shampoo, conditioner, and hair packs (also spraying cures) and styling products, Long hair are protected and can then feel better better.

They usually contain moisturizing and moisturizing and protective substances, eg oils, which immediately restore lost fat and moisture to the long hair after washing and protect it.

These chemically produced substances improve the hair structure and make the hair shine. They coat every single hair with a film and smooth the outer cuticle layer.

Wavy, Dyed or Bleached Hair For Long Hair

Avoid too hot hair and stay with the hair dryer at least 30 cm away.

Especially in salt water and sun exposure, there are great hair care products that include UV protection and block saltwater.

When using straighteners always use the hairdressing care and styling products.
For permanently wavy, dyed or bleached hair always combine keratin, protein and moisturizing hair care.

The hairdresser is the expert for your scalp and your hair. For this reason, we recommend: Ask your hairdresser, this will help you with the right combination of care products! – Hairdressing Finder –

This is not a medical information page. She can not and should not replace a doctor’s visit.

It is meant to give you some valuable tips.

Simple Hair Care For Long Hair
Simple Hair Care For Long Hair

Has a long and beautiful hair is the dream of every woman. But long hair you have will look bad if you do not take care of her.

Having long hair will have double hair problems than those with short hair.

Therefore recognize your hair problems and find solutions to overcome them. Here are some common hair problems and solutions to overcome them that you can apply.

Simple Hair Care For Long Hair

Hair Loss

Having long hair can not be avoided from hair loss problems. For that, you have to be smart in taking care of your long hair. If you have long hair loss then the first thing you should do is do not let your long hair tied during sleep.

Hair ties will be suppressed during sleep and it will make your hair. If you want your hair, you should use special hair ties. Avoid hair with rubber and do not bind too strongly. If you want to comb your hair use a hair brush gently. This will flatten the distribution of oil throughout the hair shaft. Moisture so your hair will be preserved.

To reduce your hair so as not to break off and fall you should use gloves made of satin bed while you sleep. If for no forced, do not ever and combing long hair and in wet conditions unless you use the wide toothed comb. Because it will make your hair brittle and easily broken.

Hair Chapped

If you are experiencing hair cracked the first solution is to always use a conditioner every time you shampoo. Because the function of the conditioner itself is to moisturize the cuticle layer so hair will feel soft.

If long hair is normal to use pure moisturizing hair conditioner that can solve your hair loss.

Reduce Hair Loss

In addition to address your hair cracked do the trimming for your long hair. Do it once every two months. Trimming function to solve your hair cracked and will keep your haircut.

Dry and Tangled Hair

Long hair did not escape the problem of tangled hair. The problem can be solved in several ways. One way is to gently comb your hair with your fingers. Open slowly twisted curls so your hair is not cracked and fell out.

Avoid the use of heating devices like hair dryers hair straightness and hair reeling.

Lure Without Curler Hair Braids Straightness Beach Waves

Such tools it will use and the stress and dry hair. Also avoid directly touching your hair with chemicals. Such as swimming or coloring your hair. This will damage the structure of the substance in your hair.

We Have The Care Instructions For Long Hair

1. Analysis Of The Hair

For the face you spend a lot of money. Why not for the hair? They too benefit from personalized care. If the scalp is not healthy, the hair is not optimally supplied.

In the salon, we do an analysis before each treatment with La Biosthétique, which tests whether the scalp is scaly or too greasy. So problems can be treated specifically.

Yourself Make Greasy Hair Apple Vinegar Healing Earth For Hair Treatment

2. Exchange

Many women use too aggressive a shampoo because they think their hair needs to be sparkling. At the same time, sharp products dry the scalp. Switch to organic care and styling products. They are also effective and especially mild.

3. Anti-Aging Long Hair

Nothing to be persuaded. Short hair is not an automatic anti-aging booster, long, well-groomed hair already. Forever model: Catherine Deneuve.

2019 Trendy Haircuts On Long Hair For The Evening Night Party & Other Occasions

4. Tutoring For Long Hair

Even light strands around the face rejuvenate visually, because the light reflections are reminiscent of children’s hair. For thin hair? Drug vials.

5. Stamina

The hair should grow? Please note: 1. Do not rub hair on textiles. 2. Use twisted soft hair elastics. 3. Do not wear clips and tires permanently. All this leads to hair breakage.

6. Beautiful Hair Needs Precaution

Heating air and cold stress the hair constantly in winter. Begin by the end of the summer: Take a hair cure at home three times a week. To reinforce regular moisturizing treatments in the salon. And with colored hair until the fall UV protection apply.

7. Adjust Hair Care

Medications, infections, and hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menopause can change your hair; make it flabby, brittle or less shiny. Then not only the care, but also color and cut should be reconsidered. But look at it positively: Type changes are always fun.

Styling Tips And Hair Care For Long Hair

For long hair to look as good as for actress and singer Yvonne Catterfeld, you also have to treat it well: The best care and styling tips for velvety shine, relaxed swing and wonderful fullness.

The Right Hair Care For Long Hair

On average, a hair grows about a centimeter a month. And with the years of growing, especially the lengths and peaks experience so much: hundreds of washes, a lot of hot foehn air, countless brush strokes, sun, wind, minus degrees … No wonder it needs some support to be beautiful and healthy too stay.

Sleek Hairstyles for Long Hair


In the beginning, long hair is usually well supplied with skin-natural fat, but often dry and brittle in the lengths. Special care is therefore tailored to the needs of different lots. So z. For example, lemongrass extract will slow down sebum production at the base, while aloe vera milk will moisturize the lengths.

Protein, which resembles the hair component keratin, is ideal for strengthening powerless, damaged hair. Nourishing oils, such as Argan or Babassu oil, can help smooth the porous scale layer and give it shine.

Remove Damaged Hair Tips With Velaterapia

However, Bettina Schupp from research and development at Guhl points out: “There are no active ingredients that are generally suitable for long hair, it always depends on the degree of damage.” Above all, it is important to provide the hair well on the one hand, but on the other hand not to complain, so it does not hang limp.

So What Does The Optimal Care Look Like?

After each hair wash you should definitely use a conditioner and at least once a week a cure, but these are better only in the lengths and tips. And it is best to comb the hair before every wash. So then knots nothing, and the active ingredients can be optimally distributed.

Use a Comb Inappropriate

A good and fast alternative to the conditioner can be care that does not have to be rinsed out. “With leave-in products, you can dose the right amount of care with the right amount,” said Bettina Schupp. Especially fine hair retains its momentum through the “lightweights”. (Easy leave-in care is available from, for example, Guhl, Pantene Pro-V or L’Oréal Professionnel.)

Brake Split Ends

The tips are often very strained for very long hair. “They are exposed to external influences for the longest time, which means that the inside of the hair can already be significantly damaged and the dandruff layer almost completely detached,” explains Dr. med. Elisabeth Poppe, Head of International Product Development Hair Care at Henkel.

To prevent the ends from splitting, it is important to prevent them in a targeted manner: The expert advises that you regularly use a special hair tip fluid. Hair oil can also give the tips new shine. (For example, top care is available from Schwarzkopf or L’Oréal Paris, hair oil from, for example, Garnier or Kérastase.)

Hair With Split Ends Tips and Natural Remedies To Avoid Cut

Incidentally, special anti-split care now focuses on the power of attraction: it contains positively charged particles. Since broken hair has a higher negative charge than healthy, the positive particles should ensure that the split tips again connect something. (A special anti-split care line, for example, by Dove.)

Also, regular hairdresser visit helps: every four to six weeks to cut the tips, so they look healthy.

Nice Styling

Smooth, curly, stuck to the bun or rather tied together to the trendy ponytail: For long hair, good beauty helpers and their proper application are simply essential.

Gentle Drying

Wet hair is especially sensitive. Therefore, dry as gently as possible. This works best in the air, but requires a lot of patience with thick hair!

If you are a föhn, you should not choose the hottest level: better set a lower temperature and a high blower level, and always dry in the direction of the hair. “Do not blow dry from the bottom up, it will shine and splinter,” explains Kérastase expert and star hairdresser Manfred Kraft.

Hair Mask Itself Make Up Hair Loss Recipes

Absolutely avoid rude scratching games with the towel. It’s better to wrap your hair around it and let it dry a bit.

Choose The Right Brush

The bigger, the better, it says here: Long hair can be brushed out relatively easily with particularly wide, flat models and styled very smooth.

If you want to give the hair momentum inwards or outwards, then turn on the best to round brushes in XL format.

However: “Better not work over your head with fine hair, as the hair can easily get tangled up in the round brush”, says expert Manfred Kraft. SOS trick, if they are stuck: carefully try to loosen the strand with the stick of a Toupier comb.

Incidentally, hot air brushes are particularly practical. Some even spin by themselves at the touch of a button – this makes it easier to work on and turn around at the same time.

Important: Always dry the hair first and never brush it when wet. (Rotating hot air brushes are available for example from BaByliss or Rowenta.)

Extra tip: If you like to wear the hair tied to the braid or put it on, rather use hair elastics without sharp metal edges and braces with rounded ends – which are a bit gentler Hair.

Smooth Gently

Straighteners are not only great for taming the hair; they also give a beautiful shine. Plates with keratin-ceramic coating make the hot procedure a little gentler: When straightening, keratin is additionally released into the hair. (For example, a straightening iron with keratin-coated plates is available from Remington.)

Miranda Kerr hair Secret

But do not smooth it out every day, because the high temperatures are not really good. And before using a flat iron, it is imperative to apply heat protection to the hair. In addition, the strands should be absolutely dry – in the wet state, the heat harms even more. (Protective spray is available for example from L’Oréal Paris or Alterna.)

A Lot Of Volume

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with magnificent curls or strong strands. But more abundance can also cheat.

With little to more

Tons of hairspray? Not necessary. For long hair looks full, you need little of new styling helpers. Dr. Rolf Bayersdörfer, Head of International Product Development Styling Division at Henkel, recommends volume powder for fine hair. “You sprinkle the product directly on the hairline and massaged it easily or rub a small amount in the palm and then style the hair.”

Make Colorful Hair Yourself Hairspray Hairstyles

Some volume series today contain special substances that belong to the so-called polymers: They wrap the hair around the neck, so that it does not lie flat against the scalp, and increase the distance between the hair.

These new polymers are elastic and flexible, thus keeping volume extra long. (Volume powder eg from Schwarzkopf; Special volume series for great hold z. From Wellaflex or John Frieda.)

Wrap Again

More fullness can also bring extra large Velcro wrappers: each give Festiger on an almost dry strand, then screw the winder. Briefly heat up, let cool completely and take out the winder carefully. Then brush the hair with your fingers in order to avoid losing the volume again.

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