Six Secrets of Radiant Glance

Six Secrets of Radiant Glance
Six Secrets of Radiant Glance

The skin around the eyes needs special care and careful care. It is the most sensitive and delicate area on the face. There quite a few muscles that support the thin shell and almost no oil glands. The eyelids are actively involved in mimicry. We blink 17,000 times a day! Thousands of times a day, changing facial expression… Whenever this reduces the facial muscles and moves the skin around the eyes. Not surprisingly, she quickly loses its elasticity.

At all times, the real women sought to preserve your real age a secret. And as you know, the years are reflected most strongly in the skin around the eyes. In fact, it is really time to cheat. There are just a few of the secrets that can help for a long time to be young and attractive.

Six Secrets of Radiant Glance-

1. Gentle Cleansing! Eye makeup should be removed with a very soft, specially designed for this purpose means. Moreover, it should be easy to dissolve makeup (such as Japanese cosmetics bb lab) so it was not necessary to rub your skin and stretch. What does you’re careful movements should be directed from the outer corner to in case something can not be left overnight cosmetics!

2. Careful Maintenance! When choosing makeup for the face, buy a cream or serum specifically designed for the care of the area around the eye, be sure! The fact that in the means for caregivers of individuals components include humectants and the fact that the beneficial effects on other areas of the skin around the eyes can cause unattractive bags, in which “freezes” the moisture often asked at what age to start Experts advice to apply a light eye cream since twenty years And with thirty years of age to do it in the morning and evening. Even if the signs of aging are not yet visible, neglect cares in any case impossible. Otherwise the skin you very quickly “take revenge” suddenly began to cover the mesh thin wrinkles.

3. To Try To Measure! No need to put a large amount of cream – excess can cause irritation and the beauty advises to do so, as do Japanese women with her ring finger gently and easy to drive in the cream, massaging gently from the outer to the inner corner and stepping back at least 1 cm from the edge of the lower eyelid or agent can get on the mucosa. Experts recommend performing this procedure no later than one hour before a night’s sleep to prevent swelling.

4. First aid! If you had a hard day, do not get enough sleep or you feel unimportant and eyes still swollen use the old-fashioned way. Magically are brewed tea bags and then cooled in a refrigerator beforehand. Just 10 minutes and the swelling is gone.

5. Protection From The Sun! For the delicate skin around the eyes are particularly dangerous ultraviolet rays. At any time of the year in sunny weather, wear good sunglasses. They not only take care of the condition of the skin but also preserve the health of the eyes themselves.

6. Good Mood! as known smile is much less muscle contractions than anger, resentment or sadness and the extra tears literally eating away the sensitive skin of the eyelid. All year round try to provide yourself the positive emotions! And then your eyes will be young, radiant and bright!

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