Skin Care Products: 8 Skin Products Shopping Tips & Tricks

Such as choosing clothes, shop skin care products are also no less difficult and confusing. Sometimes you do not know exactly what your skin type.

1. Shopping at the Right Time

8 Tips & Tricks Shopping Skin Care Products

2. Ask for Help Beauty Advisor

Wherever you shop does not forget to ask if the product is suitable for your skin type. How often use and how long the results will be visible.

3. Trying Tester

Do not underestimate the tester especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies to certain products. Some women want a gentle skin care to be used every day.

Usually, in the store to provide products that can be taken home tester. Before buying the product use it first at home. Can also try the tester directly contained in the store.

4. Sensitive

Botanical ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

8 Tips & Tricks Shopping Skin Care Products

Do not forget to test the product on the arm that has the same structure and thickness of the skin.

5. Observe Product Composition

Large companies often conduct research and develop their products in order to obtain the most current formula and accurate.

Normally delivery systems, quality of materials, to concentrate the most important ingredient in the manufacture of products not listed on the label. For example, peptides, amino acids that serve small to trigger the production of collagen in the skin are not listed prominently.

“Perhaps we will never know how much percentage peptide on a product, but the company will ensure the reliable delivery of their system running well,” said Graf.

6. Product Purchase Required

If you are willing to buy expensive skin care products make sure the product you buy contains a sunscreen or retinol.

Many dermatologists who choose sunscreens with physical filters content such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide because it will make the skin irritation or quickly disappear.

Easy choose a product that easily integrates with the skin and the light to look natural and not heavy on the face.

8 Tips & Tricks Shopping Skin Care Products

7. Practical packaging

which practical skin care packaging may not aim to beautify your dressing table but instead serves to protect the package contents or formula products. For example retinoid and antioxidants as it serves to smooth the skin from the damaging air and light.

“Generic tube used in pharmaceutical products because they contain aluminum with a small opening,” explains cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. Opaque Bottles that use the airtight pump can keep sensitive formula contained in the product.

8. Be patient

You have to use cosmetic products consistently before finally getting the desired results at least for eight weeks. (Except for the use of acne medications work faster about one to two days).

Many women also take longer. “There is no better word to prove the effectiveness of product than ‘outcome’ can be different for each person, ‘” said Lupo.

The skin has a different response depending on psychology metabolism and physical state of the wearer. If you are using the right product with the routine it’s time to wait for the results because the skin is a pretty long process. Good luck!

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