These Skin Whitening Recipes For Natural Pink And White Skin


Skin whitening recipes, currently to get a pink and white skin with a slim body is the dream of many women. With the pressure of work than at present, as well as from environmental agents such as from dust, sun, and rain, it requires women to know how to make skin whitening natural beauty skin of her beloved.

Currently, there are many ways to help protect and care for the skin, but how easy to implement and inexpensive and safe place that is special to use products from nature such as vegetables, fruits… With the skin care recipes from natural following simple but you’ll get unexpected results. You can see how to perform the following.

But How Beautiful Skin Whitening Natural

Skin Whitening Natural Beauty with Potatoes

After buying potatoes on, you proceed to the jelly boil washed >> >> Put in the bowl and then crushed finely. Finally, use up the skin can be the face or body of about 15 to 20 minutes.

Skin Whitening Natural Beauty with Potatoes

Then clean with the water bath or shower gel. You’ll feel right white to see.

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Use The Rice Water

From time immemorial, rice water was seen as recipes to help women make the skin become more beautiful and smooth screen. This is a beautiful skin is a quite simple and inexpensive but highly effective back. Because there is a lot of rice in water and minerals vitamin B5 helps nourish and beautiful white skin effectively.

skin whitening natural beauty Use The Rice Water

Performing A quite Simple Step:

  • 1: Put rice water, innumerable rice and pour the water first to remove the dirt away.
  • 2: With the 2nd rice water you use a rice bowl of clean water from the washing time.
  • 3: Wait until you see the bottom part milky. Put the water and take part in this white mixed with warm water.
  • 4: Conduct a mixed-use warm water to wash your face or entire body and massage lightly when doing so after 15 minutes wash off with clean water.

You should make a beauty with rice water during 1 times/week.

Skin Whitening Effect With Tomatoes

Tomatoes are fruits used quite popular as food processing, tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, potassium, iron … very good for health, especially when using fresh tomatoes used for skin care, it will bring efficiency to the unexpected.

Skin Whitening Effect With Tomatoes

Ingredients: ½ Tomatoes.

How: Operation is quite simple, you just chop tomatoes into slices and then proceed to rub your face in a circular path spirals within 10 minutes then rinse with cold water.

You can make a beauty with tomatoes 3 times/week to bring the best results.

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Use fresh Lemon Natural

Lemon Fresh fruit naturally contains high levels of vitamin C and other important antioxidants help slow down the aging process and remove dead skin cells effectively. In addition, natural lemon is acidic bleaching effect whitening. Thus, the current market there is many products that are the output of lemon.

Honey is considered one of the favorite ingredients to make the formula effective acne natural bran. Therefore, when combined with lemon juice mixture will bring unexpected results for the skin such as acne brand hat off, forehead…

Recipe Says Acne Effectively With Honey Lime

skin whitening natural beauty to Acne Effectively With Honey Lime

How: You only need to use 2 teaspoons, honey, homogenized with 4-5 drops of lemon juice. Then use absorbent cotton on the nose or forehead acne brand and then use the paper to clean up.

Wait until dry paper, you proceed to peel slightly vertically from bottom to top, the brand will pimple skin peeling off quickly.

You can combine the addition of rose water to tighten pores after peeling acne from a mixture of honey and lemon.

Frequency: You should take 1 times/week for best results.

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This is a natural beauty skin is quite amazing that you should know. And you should also know that there are people in every different skin, therefore, you should find a way of beautifying the skin effectively and perseverance to do it. Make sure that all of the effort to protect and care for the natural skin will be rewarded generously.

I wish you success!

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