Sleek Sticks Essie Launches A Line of Stylish Nail Patch


Essie nail polish brand came from the U.S., innovating again and again. This time it is a line called Sleek nail patch Sticks Essie conquer our hearts beauty essie nail patch sleek stick novelty nail polish

Sleek Sticks Essie Launches A Line of stylish Nail Patch

Some time ago, we told you about the collection Essie Madison Ave Hue for Spring 2013. Today, you unveiled another new brand of nail polish cult. That’s it Essie gets to nail patch with a line called Sleel Sticks. Design inspired chic catwalks Sleel Sticks Essie also benefit from technology. Indeed, they were pre dried under UV lamps allowing them to last longer. For 14 days Essie nail promises impeccable and trends. Essie Weingarten creator of Essie says her obsession for fashion does not stop at the color so she wanted a line that would allow us to say: “The colors set the tone for their designs express a state of mind.”

A total of 12 Sticks Sleek Essie are available. Always with evocative names crock’s chic, pretty Croco mahogany, so high!, Red inlaid with gold to a zebra, a zebra pattern black and purple, gold oh my!, Geometric shapes gold. Enough to leave our old nail in the closet. After Nail Patch Art varnish adhesive patterns Sephora, just go shopper new Sleek Sticks Essie. They are already available at a price of € 13.90. Yet will she succeed to choose from! So girls, Sticks on any Sleek Essie crack you?

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