Slimming And Diet Learn To Eat Less Salty


Slimming And DietHere are some slimming And diet tips to reduce your salt intake and daily … avoid inflating!

Slimming And Diet Will be Waiting For You

1. Keep an Eye On the Labels

National Agency for Food Safety environment and labor advocates officially reduce the average salt intake to achieve grams per day.

Recommendation not very obvious to follow because the salt is sometimes difficult to locate. It hides a multitude of food bread, meat, some cheeses, ready meals …

There is even the trace; it is true sugary foods (sodas, yogurt). To achieve this the food industry should make efforts reducing the sodium chloride content of foods and improve the information by adopting better labeling. In the meantime, we can already after day, limit our intake by following these tips.

2. Slimming And Diet Have Light Hand Cooking

Prepare your meals more often with fresh products which have not undergone any preparation. Vegetables, meat and fish naturally contain very little salt. But when they are canned, frozen or cooked their content increases significantly (conservation …). Season your food preference during cooking rather than after.

This allows time for the salt to soak. Result a stronger flavor however, a much smaller quantity used. Bet on spices and herbs to meet a dish. Abuse in to give unsuspected flavors but also scented to your menus. Health will be waiting for you!

3. Gradually Reduce Your Daily Intake

In about 15 days the palace and used to gradually appreciate new flavors and less pronounced. Do not salt your dishes always have tasted before. Choose a salt with a single small hole which allows to limit the amount paid on the plate.

Slimming And diet avoid associating at the same meal salty foods. For example, a dish prepared with such quiche or soup moussaka, chooses a salad, pasta or rice rather than smoked salmon, cold meats or cheese.

4. Where Salt is Hiding it? Salt Creeps Everywhere, Even in Sugary Foods!


  • 1 bowl of corn flakes 40 g = 0.96 g of salt
  • 1 chocolate BN = 0.14 g salt
  • 1 stick = shift between 1 and 1.34 g of salt
  • 25 cl 1 bowl of leek soup brick = 1.78 g salt
  • ¬†150 g baby carrots canned superfine salt = 1.14 g
  • 150 g planter beans, carrots and potatoes canned = 1.49 g salt
  • 100 g escalope cordon bleu vacuum = 2.32 g salt
  • 1 slice of smoked salmon salt = 1.51 g
  • 50 g roasted peanuts salt = 1.23 g
  • 1 Can (33 cl) of cola = 0.03 g salt
  • 1 yogurt velvety nature = 0.13 g salt
  • 1 croque monsieur vacuum = 1.17 g salt
  • ¬†1 pancake with ham frozen salt = 1.25 g

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