Smooth Pink Lips for Brides Make Up

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Smooth Pink Lips for Brides Make Up

During summer days, light makeup style is very pleased young bride, to help bring fresh beauty of your wedding day.

To do this type of makeup with pink tones mainstream, makeup Anh Vu has some note. Accordingly, after cleansing, you should apply the lotion and cream to protect the skin lining. Next, you should be at the foundation all over the skin tones face to face look smoother and conceal imperfections. Use the brush to get chalk powder coating are rotated to protect the skin is durable substrate.

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The eyebrows are neatly trimmed brown powder before drawing the eyebrows is shaped molds. Lipstick pink bridal shower will add fresh fun in her big day. In addition, you can apply little lip gloss to plump for the environment. When water eyeliner, you should note, for all skin type cast eyes, use black eyeliner to draw a thin line on the eye contour look, pull out the tail light linked to below the eye.

Smooth Pink Lips for Brides Make Up-

Use black eyeliner eyelid rims, you can make your eyes look larger and sharper. Each lotus pink brides help more cheerful in the hot summer day & Use the concrete foundation with skin color, accent on eyes and lips using light colors such as pink skin, pink-brown.

Smooth Pink Lips for Brides Make Up

The bride’s face by contouring method to create blocks & you simply use the blocks to create a darker brown tone than the background layer, spread evenly from the temple to the cheek. Also, you should chalk where the canopy because it will be easier to shape than the face. Particularly for that thin face you may skip this step to avoid creating blocks make the surface looks haggard.

Make Pictures: Model Thai Ha Cao, make up & hair Anh Vu, photo & graphic Bao Le, Anh Vu studio location

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