SOS Hair Color 5 Tips! How to Take Care of Our Hair Color?

SOS Hair ColorA new SOS Hair Color allows us to change the head early this year. However, staining, although more innovative are not always harmless for our hair. Lengths dull brittle or dry are often the key unless we adopt these few tips and space them a little bit.

The problem of coloring is on two levels. January Jones, balding can testify. We must take care of the health of our hair AND the appearance of our color. To do so, we use appropriate care and a light touch on the different styling and brushing.

Here Is Best 5 SOS Hair Color Tips

SOS Hair Color Tip 1: We opted for a special shampoo colored hair With hard water scales separated and leak pigments With the key to a duller and faded. In addition, they will meet the PH of the hair shaft to attack as possible. The ideal is then complete with a vinegar rinse, ideal for ultra-shiny hair (colored or not).

SOS Hair Color 5 Tips

SOS Hair Color Tip 2: We do care After shampoo and mask will become indispensable in our hair routines. In fact, our hair will be very dry and will need to be fed in depth. Avoided, however, rinses silicone that will increase. A good compromise after a mild shampoo every time and two masks per week.

It also takes day creams hair or is grants bath oils. we put the leash on the long minutes before shampooing or sleeping mask before washing in the morning. Saturated with moisturizing ingredients, they will be even more beautiful.

SOS Hair Color 5 Tips

SOS Hair Color Tip 3: Already fragile, our hair must be spared. Thus, we try to space our brushing not to attack them with plates and more heat. If really can not do without, it ensures that the temperature is not excessive and are used therm o-protective care.

SOS Hair Color 5 Tips

SOS Hair ColorTip 4: Just as brushings, we try to have a light hand on the styling products that tend to dry the hair.

SOS Hair Color-01

SOS Hair Color Tip 5: Use of boosteurs colors to prevent our color eventually get the boot, these repigmentent care and pamper our mane an ally between two colors.


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