Square Plunging Short Hairstyles for Square Faces In Different Look


Dare the square plunging is to show the strong square faces woman hairstyles, The sexiest in this short bob hairstyle for square faces is that it reveals a pretty neck and behind the structure contours of the face before.

Demo 12 square plunging ideas to adapt quickly.

We tend to think that Bob, in the particular, square plunge, is not suitable for all faces.


You just have to choose the style well.

The plunge square is for whom?

If oval faces cannot afford a square plunging without risk, square faces and round can also find their account.

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The trick to soften an angular jaw is precise to smooth things over with longer locks on the front, as the square plunging short Kiera Knightley.

We especially copy her choice of a wavy square, which softens still more the face.

For a round face, we must rely on the asymmetric square plunge, as in Ashley Olsen. Over the front strands are long, plus they help to refine the face.

Between square plunging short and square plunging along, my heart balance

Whether you choose a long square plunge as Gwyneth Paltrow or Short Square plunging mythical Victoria Beckham, whatever is trendy!

The advantage of plunging square is that you can try the short without the risk of falling suddenly in childhood (yes, cut the square right under the ears that went hand in hand with the teeth of happiness!).

The front locks, necessarily longer, are constrained in the maxillary and minimize the shock of the transition to a shortcut.

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The square curly, less strict but equally chic

The trend of beach waves, the hair straight out of California beaches, do not spare square cuts.

On a plunging square, the loops are welcome!

Beyoncé is demonstrating with its plunging square assumed the loops.
Less strict but equally sophisticated, the square plunging looped a hit!

For those who prefer light and natural curls or even a tousled effect “bed jumping”, simply opt for a square dipping slightly wavy, sexy and very easy to maintain.

So is a small square plunging well cute for the beach this summer, anyone?

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