Top 10 Squoval Nails Ideas for Nail Manicure of Nail Shapes


Squoval nails ideas with nude colored?

Single nail manicure or sophisticated art?

Square nails or squoval?

Squoval Nails Ideas in 10 Steps

Squoval Nails Ideas

And yes, today it is not enough to choose what nail color will decorate our nails; we must choose the right form. Pile between square and oval nail, the “squoval nails ideas” allow all kinds of manicure and nail art more or less complicated. On your files!

Look at your nails.

Are they rather square, rounded, almost flat at the end?

If it is, your nails are “squoval” and you do not even know it!

  • Squoval, almond, stiletto: small guide of nail shapes

Perfect compromise between a square and an oval nail, the “squoval nails ideas” (a contraction of the English words “square” and “oval”) allow small fingers to lengthen by optical effect, and are fairly easy to maintenance.

While round nails would better romantic and gentle women, nails “squoval” would be for women more confident and ambitious.

Nail Manicure Guide of All Nail Shapes

It is hard to believe that a form of nails define us, but why not…

To perform this form of nail, you just have to grind up your nail right way, as for a square nail and slightly rounding the edges of the nail.

  • Squoval nails and nail art, the winning combination

The advantage of this form of nail is that it can be quite creative on the manicure and the nail art: it has more space to express you!

The nude nail can decorate a nice gradient glitter or nail accent, while nailistas the most gifted can try to nail geometric art to recall the square shape of the nail.

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