Star Nails Within The Reach Of All for Christmas With French Glitter


Star nails have you planned your manicure for the holiday season? If it is not already, here’s a simple manicure to inspire you! No need to be good at nail art, nail and other technical points, just a nice paint color of your choice and sequins.

Here Varnish French Star Nails Sequined:

This is the classic French manicure revisited version glitter for Christmas!

Star nails For this, I used as the base color Essie famous “Peach Daiquiri” I mentioned in my article on the pink nail polish perfect. This is a beautiful red rose coral, difficult to describe but really pretty and subtle color. I applied 2 coats to have good uniforms nails (a thin layer and then a 2nd layer thicker).

Star nails For French layer flakes, I used a top coat of Essie which contains silver glitter of different sizes: “Set in Stones” of luxeffects collection. Feel free to use the glitter polish of your choice, there are really trendy this year is found in most brands! Essie, OPI, Mavala, Sephora… all offer at least one nail glitter another idea home-made cheap: you can sprinkle glitter on a transparent top coat!

Star nails

The advantage of flakes (unlike real French with white paint) is that we do not need to apply! Just do a feature on the tip of the nail and because the varnish glitter clump is transparent, we will not see if you have a line wrong or irregular in thickness!

For cons, the downside-well known-glitter is their difficulty of removal. Must retake the cotton several times that glitter is cleansing while normal varnish cleanses 3 times faster. But with French, you do not have any nail covered with glitter, so it’s manageable phew!

Anyway, it’s original, it changes from a normal manicure, it’s easy and it shines…but not too much! You’ll have nails star as if from a beauty salon for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day!

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