Stella McCartney T-Shirts New Capsule Collection for Women And Children


War Child UK! Stella McCartney T-shirts presents the new capsule collection charity “Stella McCartney for War Child,” sweet and chic T-shirts for women and children

Stella McCartney T-shirts for War Child is a capsule collection very pretty that the British designer has created to support War Child. War Child is an association that works to protect children who are victims of war, those children who are expected to grow between games, and school safety and instead live in poor areas, violent and dangerous as Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Syria and Republic Congo.

Stella McCartney T-Shirts

Stella McCartney T-Shirt Against for War Child

Stella McCartney is a talented fashion designer but also very careful, in her collections does not use leather and fur to sustain the planet and avoid the carnage of innocent animals, with the same spirit often supports charity projects to help the less fortunate.

Stella McCartney T-Shirts for Women

The Stella McCartney T-Shirt capsule collection Stella McCartney for War Child is a line of t-shirt decorated with children’s drawings. On June 10 at PSVI (Preventing S*xual Violence in Conflict) summit was organized the artistic project ” Draw Me To Safety “from which came the idea of the collection. From 22 September to 31 October 2014, children aged 8 to 15 years of all the ‘ England that are part of the project War Child, were invited to draw pictures cha had as its theme the question “What makes you feel safe?”.

Stella McCartney T-Shirts For Children

Stella McCartney has chosen some of these designs and used them her charity t-shirt, Stella McCartney T-shirts are two: the one with the ‘ teddy bear for children and those with hearts for women. The t-shirts can be purchased on and in about 100 stores in selected outlets and flagship of McCartney. The funds raised will be donated to War Child UK to support their work and help the unfortunate children and defenseless.

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