Men Notice Women In High Heels And Change Her Body Movement


Many women like to wear high heels for 2018 2019 fashion because the women who wear high heels to dance and look hot. Both men and women think that high heels arouse the desire of men to women.

High heels for 2018 2019 based on a journal called Evolution and Human Behavior the study researchers found that high heels make a woman look more feminine and change her body movement so it will look more attractive.

From the study, the researchers also concluded that high heels will further emphasize the difference in men’s and women’s gait.

The supernormal stimulus that comes from women who wear high heels day at increases male hot so that the men would even notice women in high heels.

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High Heels For 2018 2019 Women’s

Therefore, women who are currently looking for a companion to wear high heels to attract the attention of men she likes.

In addition, there are some facts that confirm that the high heels more attractive than wearing flat shoes to enhance male hot. Here are some facts about the use of high heels.

Look At Long Legs

Shoes with high heels can make a woman’s foot shape look longer thus making women who wear high heels look more hot and elegant.

Usually, men like women with slim legs and long For the male, female feet long is something hot. Therefore, this fact is one proof that high heels arouse the passionate man.

Increase Passion Hot

Based on research conducted by a team researcher of Italy, a woman wearing high heeled shoes with a heel height between 1 to 2 inches will be more fun when in bed than women who like to wear flat shoes.

Eliminate Bulge Vein Knee

Wearing high heels was also able to eliminate the bumps caused by the hamstring muscles are often seen annoying and make an appearance to no maximum. In addition, the use of high heels can also help improve pelvic muscles in women.

Women in high heels are considered hotter that many women are wearing the right shoe with a length of more than 3 inches because you want to look hotter.

Although high heels are interesting, before using it you should also pay attention to the risk of high heeled shoes because shoes like that could potentially make your foot sprains and abrasions. In addition, the use of high heels for the long term is not good for health.

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