Fried Sticky Rice With Chicken, Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape


Fried sticky rice with chicken, Item name must have impressed many people. And if invited along with “free” chicken surely you will enjoy.

Chicken outlet is known dishes in a restaurant located in the Waterfront City name contingent Comment offices.

As she shared server open a few months but the recent New Year, thanks to the “chicken exit” that the restaurant has a lot of fans. Food menu soon become “hot”, often “burning” of the restaurant.

Chinese Fried Sticky Rice With Chicken

Fried sticky rice With chicken Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape

Unique not only by name this dish at first only saw “happy eyes”. The chicken was “imprisoned” in a wrap with fried sticky rice is quite big attractive golden straw. To enjoy of course you will have to break down the “wall areas” Lowland closed there.

Fried sticky rice With chicken when cut out to reveal a whole chicken fragrant smoke. It is the aroma of young chicken blended with the scent of sweet rice oven. Chicken is not too big only about 1.2 – 1.4 kg is a lot but the thick meat soft look fat it is still wet for long cherished in the covered areas. Now just wait Employees skilful shred the chicken with sticky rice coming up disk is enthusiastic can enjoy.

Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape 2 Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape 3

Fried sticky rice with chicken hot crispy crust on the outside but the inner layer is flexible because cooked from upland rice quality. In cool weather bit se chilly in Hanoi this type of fried food away extremely reasonable especially when next to more whole young chicken dishes, soft sweet, greasy. Enjoy food, you should also ignore the procedures cumbersome chopsticks spoon just hand grab will of appetite or straw than.

Chicken not escape price 380,000 VND / child, perhaps suitable for about 4 servings for small birds but when chopped up disk is full plus the areas equally “from nowhere”. Moreover away fast but delicious fried okay. So enjoy this as many people as possible have the opportunity to test the interesting menu of the restaurant.

If heading “good glutinous map” is also a sticky rice cake dishes are also birds of sleep Mao Quan. Roll away the birds circle to than a saucer moderate. This is the kind of fried sticky rice rum outside, inside aromatic and somewhat flexible the minced meat birds in the middle. Cake bird areas are dotted with sesame fleshy fleshy growing more bold.

Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape 4 Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape 5

Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape 6

The only downside of the dish is a bit … put that to those who have no strong jaws. So, enjoy your bird cake away remember eating hot right now. However, the bartender said, this is the dish to order take away most by only a single operation in a microwave delicious bread away both brittle and plastic as the new oven. Price wheeled away birds is also moderate 120.000/cai, suitable for about 3-4 servings play at hungry.

Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape 8 Straw With Dishes Chicken Not Escape 7

In short, this restaurant has a lot of interesting items for you to discover. Space also spacious, polite, very suitable for office people gather and experience the culinary delights with fried sticky rice With chicken.

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