Stretching for Back and Neck! Top 5 Exercises You Can Do In The Office
Stretching for Back and Neck! Top 5 Exercises You Can Do In The Office

Stretching for back and neck, here are the exercises to be performed in the office!

Today we will learn to perform a series of stretching exercises for the shoulders and neck, to relieve various aches and pains even when we are in the office! As I am sure all of you know, remain seated for 8 or 10 hours in front of the desk is not at all good for our backs and in no time at all, the first pains began to be felt. Fortunately, to remedy the problem, it is not necessary to take the drugs, but you can simply begin to run with perseverance a series of specific exercises. Here are five of you!

Stretching for Back and Neck! Top 5 Exercises

  1. Exercise 1: Sitting on the chair, turn the neck to the right for 5 seconds until you can and then to the left with slow movements. So, raise your head upwards and then towards the chest and finally, bend the neck to the right shoulder and then to the left shoulder, always in slow motion.
  2. Exercise 2: Sit on a chair putting you right on the edge of the seat. Then, bend your torso to slightly forward, keeping your back straight at this point, elongated in an oblique arm upwards and the other downwards backwards. Repeat the exercise by changing the position of the arms.
  3. Exercise 3: Put yourself in a standing position with your legs together and your arms at your sides. So, put your right hand on the head and flettetela gently toward the right shoulder with the face looking towards the front. Stretch gently until you feel a slight tension, then, perform the same movement on the other side.
  4. Exercise 4: Raise your right arm straight up and bend the forearm bringing it behind him. Thus, helping you with your left hand exerted a slight push on the elbow of the right arm. Remain in position 15 seconds and repeat with the other arm.
  5. Exercise 5: Sitting on the chair or in a standing position, place your hands on your shoulders and rotate your elbows first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Repeat this movement 20.

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