30+ Cool Summer Hairstyles For Teenager Girls To Re-Style[2021 2022]


We’ll show you a few simple step-by-step instructions for cool summer hairstyles, give you some great suggestions! You do not need a curling iron, iron, or hairdryer. With a little practice and flair, you can easily make the looks at home.

Discover our selection of cool summer hairstyles for teen girls and try them for yourself!

If you like to wear beautiful, playful hairstyles in the summer, then this is the place for you.

Mini Mid-Pigtail Braid For Teenage Girl

Summer Hairstyle Braid Middle Parting Straight Hair Teenage Girl

1. Separate a small section of hair at the top of the head where you would normally stylize a center parting. This section should be about 3 cm wide. To precisely divide the hair, use a stalk comb.

2. Attach the remaining hair to the side of the head with hair clips. So nothing bothers later when braiding.

Hairstyle Teenager Female Mini Braid Middle Parting Straight Hair

3. Cut off three small strands of hair from the middle section and begin to braid a French plait by repeatedly adding a small strand from the sides. The braid runs in the direction of the rearmost vertex to the forehead.

4. Braid the braid up to your eyebrows. It may seem like you are weaving too far from your head, but it is important for the next step.

Summer Hairstyle Makes Yourself Teenager Girl Mid-Pigtail Braid

5. Insert a hair clip into the braid to attach it to your head. Then just let go of the rest. The braid will split, so it was better to make it longer.

6. Divide the end of the braid into two and put each strand behind your ears. If these are a bit short, use bobby pins to fix them.

Hairstyle Girl 15 Years Mid-Pigtail Braid

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