In the summer sales 2018 approach, each of us is looking forward to the idea of his little shop. Here are our ideal outfit and what better than a practice held but no less stylish to help us on our shopping spree!

The practicality of holding synonymous with efficient shopping. A shopping trip as the price is quite a sports session for which we must prepare, especially because of bad weather or any inconvenience that may come tarnish our ballad. And we do not hide an embarrassed shopping is not a happy shopping.

First, it must provide it is required depending on the weather as experienced as buyers, we will not put a skirt on a rainy day! If it rains or is cold, expect a jacket that covers and an umbrella in case . On the contrary, if the weather (what we want), get out the sunglasses like that double-decker!

In addition, the trick master is not to clutter things imposing the picture wholesale jewelry (a necklace or too heavy earrings) due to the risk of catching!

We advise fine accessories and simple that you can find at H & M, a silver bracelet € 4.99 and a lot of a necklace and a gold bracelet € 6.99.

You can dare a hat if you feel like it because it will not hinder you. Even the accessories side, a big bag is best to be able to store your purchases, however, this bag should contain several storages so that the items you need are close at hand, always inefficiency!

Now for the clothes, it must be as comfortable as possible, choose the comfort in order not to be skimpy. Like boyfriend jeans from Topshop to € 57 with a blouse €, 14.99 at Pull & Bear are perfect! The clothes should also be easy to put on and take off, you will experience fewer complications during your fittings. Buttons, lace, narrow clothing must be avoided!

Finally, do not forget the shoes! Obviously, if you go travel kilometers rays, the heels will make you slow down and clutter more. Also, you should not wear shoes that can hurt your feet and bother you (because we all shoes in which we are less comfortable and that hurt us at the end of the day).

Therefore offers the platform shoes prominent this season and shopper practices to go, and we invite you to look at those white New Look at € 17.99 or those of Missguided to € 33.25. More ready than ever with a working outfit, to go (lot) expenses for the summer sales!

Credit: Topshop, Pull & Bear, New Look, Missguided, H & M

Topshop Torn Jeans

Summer Sale 2018: A boyfriend tore jeans at the knees of Topshop too, 57 €

Boyfriend Torn Jeans At The Knees Of Topshop to 57 €

Pull & Bear Blouse

Summer Sale 2018: A fine Pull & Bear white blouse, 14.99 €

A Fine Pull & Bear White Blouse 14.99 €

New Look Shoes

Summer Sale 2018: White Shoes Platforms New Look at € 17.99

White Shoes Platforms New Look at € 17.99

Missguided Wedge

Summer Sale 2018: Wedge Trainer Beige Home Missguided, 33,25 €

Missguided Wedge Trainer Beige Home 33,25 €

H & M Bangle

Summer Sale 2018: A Silver Bangle H & M To 4.99 €

A Silver Bangle H & M To 4.99 €

H & M Necklace And A Gold Bracelet 

Summer Sale 2018: A Necklace And A Gold Bracelet With A Pendant Of H & M 6.99 €

A Necklace And A Gold Bracelet With A Pendant Of H & M 6.99 €

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