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Who said you can not do braids if you have short hair?

We have 10 perfect braided suggestions for knitting your hair as close as you are!

If you succumbed to scissors and this winter thanks to your new frames, you probably think you can not do braids. Who says these! The braiding is right for all of us and we have evidence. In fact, we have 10 different Braids styles to choose what you do this SP to silence the haters!

To grab the front tufts is one of the most simple plaits and ideal if you have no time to bathe, but looking for something nice and easy to do with your hair.

Boxer Braids Gathered: If your frame is short enough, you can weave the Boxer braids and hide their tiny ends beneath the knitting clinching with tweezers.

Boxer Braids Free: But if your edges are as graceful as those of the picture, then you have no reason to hide them.

Romantic Wreath: As you see, it is clear that the particular braid fits even in the short frames so do not be afraid!

As Knitted: If you got the mood, you can do wonders even with minimum length, such that the plait-like knitted.

Herringbone is easy and perfect to give extra style points and texture to your hairstyle. Confidence prefers not to bow.

Reverse French is the easiest braid if you have short hair because it exploits its full length from the root. Perhaps you need help from your friends, but worth it!

A simple way just because you can and because it can save you from frizz happens on days with rain.

French infringe start your French braid from your fringe so not only will you need clips but you and steal the show.

Behind the ear, this braid is literally behind and over your ear and worship! It is our favorite for short hair and your storage on the end.