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Many have to struggle with dry hair. But what can you do against weak, brittle hair? We have tips for dry hair.

Does your hair feel strawy and brittle and are difficult to comb? Then you probably have dry or damaged hair! We tell you what you can do in terms of hair care so that your mane becomes smooth and shiny again: The best care tips for dry hair!

Dry Hair Tips for Brittle Hair

How does dry hair develop?

In the case of dry hair, the protective sebum film that surrounds the hair surface is thin and permeable – that is, the underlying cuticle layer becomes rough and porous. As a result, moisture is lost from the inside of the hair and it dries out. This is how the tips of the hair look quickly strawy.

What is the difference between dry and damaged hair?

There is an important difference between dry and damaged hair, which you should also know when choosing the right hair care product: With dry hair, the hair is not adequately supplied with sebum from the roots and therefore dries out faster.

While the hair layers on dry hair are largely intact, the structure of damaged hair is damaged, for example by frequent dyeing, blow-drying, or saltwater. If the tips of the hair look frayed or split, this is called split ends.

Signs of Dry hair

  • With dry hair, the scalp is usually brittle. It scales, tenses, and shows with redness and itching that it lacks essential care substances.
    Dry hair feels porous and rough.
    They are difficult to comb.