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The Christmas I look forward to all year, that we are children or nearly a century old, Explain the charm, the magic of this wonderful Religious Celebration is able to release it is almost useless, because it is a poem that we all know well from an early age and that is renewed in December 25 December 25. In fact, let’s say that you start to feel “air of Christmas” since the first of the month and not only because from mid-November we see the shop windows decorated with lights and Christmas decorations.

What is certain is that not only Christians are involved in the magic atmosphere of Christmas, a Holiday that has long since surpassed the original religious barriers to become a universal phenomenon without borders. If we think you are celebrating in Japan, where the Christian religion is followed by a small minority of people…

Christmas LookBook

I mean, how can you resist the charm that Christmas with its symbols with its delicate rhetoric that warms the heart with its wealth of films, pictures, postcards and decorations, poems and rhymes exerts on us? The Gospel account of the adventures of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter in Bethlehem for the census wanted to participate in the great Roman Emperor Augustus and the sudden pangs that capture the young virgin mother and culminating with the birth of the Child Jesus in the cave, we’ve loved since tiny, just as we loved fairy tales of princes and princesses.

Who, baby, do not you spellbound in front of the crib, it was not fun to decorate the tree and make billboards filled skies crossed by comets and angels in the party? Who has not tried to stay awake the night before, waiting for Santa Claus?

Who does not get excited, right into the deepest chords of the heart (pretending nothing, of course) to the first chord of “You come down from the stars”? It does not matter if, then, the simple faith of childhood we lost if we become Buddhists or agnostics, the magic of Christmas, once you touch it, you do not let go and why should it? And ‘ maybe you can give up the traditional exchange of gifts, the Christmas dinner where you always eat too much, the slice of cake in the oven heated to dip in milk and coffee for breakfast in the 26, to exchange greetings on the street with red cheeks from cold and desire (sincere) to forget for a little ‘ all the bitterness of life and feel really good most? You can not.

It can not be for the kids, because it is their Christmas Day and then live it with them in a creative and fun. There are many jobs that we can do in Christmas theme and that will surely help to make even more magical and electrifying the entire waiting period prior to December 25 and how can we even think the “throat”? Christmas is also the perfect time to organize wonderful get-togethers with family and close friends to strengthen relations even before the delicious traditional dishes.

Roasts and agnolotti, soups and lobster, lasagna and stuffed pandori of delicious creams, nougat and chocolates galore … treat that are even more delicious when accompanied by love. Christmas is the feast that reminds us that no one should be alone, that only by loving one another we can be really happy.